Thor Magik & Super Magik log splitter

Description and features

Thor magik 13 ton pterol log splitter

  • These log-splitters for professional use with athoraward1cutting forces of 13 and 18 tonnes can split very large logs with diameters of up to 90 cm and lengths of up to 124 cm directly on a ground base.
  • The Teflon guides are self-lubricating and interchangeable on the cutter.
  • The hydraulic cylinder is retractable to aid transport (h. 190 cm).
  • The “Speed and Power” double speed is standard on Magik 13-tonne log-splitters.
  • The “Speed and Power Automatic” double speed is standard on Magik 18-tonne log-splitters.
  • The control position is optimal and ergonomic.
  • The cutter stroke is adjustable
  • With system leader

New Magik Models (2019)

Due to EU regulations Thor log splitters, like all other manufacturers, have had to make changes to their log splitters to meet these regulations. We still have some of the old models in stock but we have sold out of most. Please note that some of the images and videos, displayed on this page, may be of the old type and as well as the new type. Listed below are the new features on the Magik range of splitters out in late 2018:

  • New wider splitting base
  • New stroke Cutter Adjustment
  • New shape of the lateral arm mounted on the right hand side of the machine
  • New side hoist mounted on the left hand side of the machine

To view the new Magik model working please select the 4th video below.

 Models and specifications

Optional Extra’s

All above log splitters offer the following extra’s:

  • 60° blade
  • cross blade
  • Intermediate table
  • log lifter
  • Winch



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