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Creosote posts

Octopost…the Swedish Creosoted fencing solution with a 25 year Guarantee

The Octopost fencing post are manufactured from redwood timber grown in Sweden in or near the Arctic circle which gives added strength due to its very slow rate of growth. The posts are kiln dried and pressure treated with creosote. OCTOPOST offers a 25 year guarantee but the posts have a life expectancy of 30-40 years.

Octowood also manufacture telegraph poles at the same treatment plant as the OCTOPOST. Crucially the same process, timber and treatment are used in the making of the telegraph poles and the Octopost. So the Octopost are simply a mini telegraph pole.

OCTOPOST are set revolutionise the fencing market using a fencing solution that is stronger and faster to install but is expected to outlast any other product on the market. OCTOPOST are used extensively throughout Europe in the Agricultural and Equestrian market.

The timber grown is PFSC certified which means that the forest is guaranteed to be replanted.

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Creosoted Octopost Features


  • Redwood timber grown in Sweden in or near the Arctic circle which gives added strength due to its very slow rate of growth. Picture to the left demonstrates the slow rate of growth.  Impressive!
  • Posts are machined into an octagonal profile providing a  flat surface for fixing.
  • Kiln dried for maximum absorption of high pressure creosote treatment.
  • OCTOPOST offer a 25 year guarantee but have a life expectancy of 30-40 years.
  • Each post is identical making erecting quicker and giving a consistency which is pleasing to the eye.
  • Large range available from 1.5m to 5m in length

Suitable for all applications

Due to the large selection of posts and strainers that Octowood produce, they can be used for many applications such livestock, equestrian, forestry, industrial or solar. In addition Octopost fencing is used for many types of animals such as deer, poultry, Otter and much more.

Why Octagonal?

This is a very common question and the reason is simple – transportation. The posts are more securely bundled due to the flat edge therefore they are less likely to split. Of course the advantage of having a flat surface makes stapling the posts easier.

Creosoted Octopost stock

Please note the post width dimension is not the diameter measurement of the post. Please see drawing below:

Drawing of diameter size of octopost

Following sizes available:

Octorail System

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Octopost erected fences (1)


The Octopost rails are treated in the exact same way as their posts are. The rail has a half octagonal profile therefore the completed fence is very pleasing to the eye.

The rails come in two lengths 3.5m and 4.2m and have a overlapping joint. This makes erecting the fence far simpler as the rail ends do not have to end on the post.

See below a drawing for a recommended system for using 3 rows of the 4.2m length rails and 2.1m posts. All Octowood recommended rail systems found below:

Rail lengths

95mm x 4200mm (overall length once fitted 3.95 metres)
95mm x 3500mm (overall length once fitted 3.26 metres)

2 rail system   3 rail system   4 rail system

Rail with joint

  • 95mm x 4200mm (overall length once fitted 3.95 metres)
  • 95mm x 3500mm (overall length once fitted 3.26 metres)


Distributors for Octoposts

While we sell to the end user we also have Stockist in various locations in Wales and Southern England.

Octopost stockist banner 2

Octopost Manufacturing standard

Octoposts are manufactured to the Nordic wood preservation class.  The treated under the Nordic classification is NTR A which is the equivalent of UC4. The classification standard described for NTR A and UC4 is as follows:    Wood in contact with the  ground or fresh water or  severely exposed to the  weather; or if a wood  component is inaccessible  or where the consequences  of failure will be particularly  serious.

Looking for quality fencing wire to go with the Octoposts?

Take a look at Tornado wire fencing range. Suitable for a large verity of applications with specialist ranges for animals such as Otter, Badger and wild boar.