Pressure washers

Kranzle X Series

NEW - The impressive construction of the new Kranzle X-series achieves a powerful combination of design and functionality! From £695.99 Inc VAT.

Kranzle K 1050 : Domestic range

Kranzle solutions for home, garden, hobby & car enthusiasts.
Prices from £336.00 including VAT

Kranzle K 1152 range

The small power pack pressure washers….Powerful, compact and convenient.
Prices from £569.00 inc VAT

Kranzle K 2000 range

The K 2000 range are industry leaders because of their robustness, modern looking design and top quality engineering.
Prices from £949.00 inc VAT

Kranzle Profi range

The Profi series exclusively uses oversized gears, oil housings and motors which significantly extend the service life during rough continuous operation.
Prices from £1,059.00 inc VAT.

Kranzle accessories

Large range of accessories available for Kranzle pressure washers including Floor cleaners
Pipe cleaning, sand blasting, suction sets, detergent injectors, cleaning brushes, spray guards, high pressure hoses & hose drums, stainless steel lance, turbo killer lances & special lances,