Gwaza 10 Ton PTO powered log splitter

Gwaza vertical 10 ton PTO powered log splitter

This 10 ton pto powered log splitter, from Gwaza, offers the operator a variety of spltting options. The two splitting tables can easily be taken off and moved to the side to allow long lengths of wood to be split up to 1.3m long. Available with a 4 way splitter the whole process speeds up the splitting operation. Suitable for wood diameter of up to 40cms.

Product Code: 17131

Click video link below to see the log splitter working


Normal selling Price £1,195.00 plus VAT & delivery

Product specification

Maximum Force 10 Ton
Maximum Log diameter 400mm / 15.5″
Maximum Log length From top table 1 (Removable) – 590mm
Middle table (swings to side) – 890mm
From base – 1300mm
 Stroke 515mm
Dimensions (transport) 1250x950x1200mm
Powered PTO with shaft 540
Three point linkage Yes
With wheels Yes



Price list

  • Vertical 10 ton PTO log splitter 17131: £1,195 plus VAT and carriage


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