Parts, aftersales & wood chipper blade sharpening

PartsAs a long established company we realise that the service we provide after a sale is normally crucial for the customer, therefore we will endeavour to provide the best service we possibly can. We have qualified  engineers that have attended training courses and hold comprehensive selection of spares.

We can sharpen any wood chipper blade thanks to the arrival of our new grinder.

This automated grinder will sharpen blades up to a length of 650mm. We can sharpen Timberwolf, Jenson, Forst and other makes of blades in a matter of a few minutes.

Grinder for sharpening wood chipper blades

Timberwolf bladeTimberwolf blade 4 TW125 TW150

Sharpening from prices start from £18* per set

*Price excludes any carriage charges and VAT

If you require aftersales service please contact us