Log splitters

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Please use the links below to choose which power option you require to narrow down you choice.

Manual log splitter

DESCRIPTION With the Smart-Log Splitter you split the firewood quickly and easily. Spares your back and shoulders.

Electric Log splitters

KeyProfessional;  DomesticPD – Double pump; TF – Fixed table

Petrol powered log splitters

Key¹ – Towable; Professional;  Domestic – Horizontal; M – road towable – Multiuse; PD – Double pump; VS – Petrol engine

Tractor powered – hydraulics

Key¹ – Towable; Professional;  DomesticH – Tractor hydraulic;

Tractor powered – PTO Vertical

Key¹ – Towable; Professional;  Domestic – Horizontal; H – Tractor hydraulic; HVP – PTO independent pump; V.PF – PTO Shaft;

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Gwaza_6_Ton_electric_log_splitter_8Gwaza offer excellent value for money log splitters suitable for the domestic or occasional user. In addition they also offer a simple but powerful hydraulic tractor powered version.

thor mignon 11 ton petrol log splitter with removed table...

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thor mignon 11 ton petrol log splitter with removed tableThor cater from the small domestic user to the large professional user, available vertical and horizontal, powered by electric, tractor, and engine.

As a manufacturer of log splitter with 35 years of experience, Thor have exclusive patents and technology such as the ‘System-leader’ international prizes and rewards!


With this new ‘System-LEADER’ control, the pedal can be used to run the cutter approach stroke leaving both hands free. Once the log has been centred and blocked in the desired position, operate the two levers simultaneously to carry out splitting the wood. Read more…

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