Hakki Pilke

Falcon 35 firewood processor

Hakki Pilke Falcon 35 firewood processor

Hakki pilke falcon firewood processor

  • The splitting function is by far the best in the market in its category as it is very fast.
  • Thanks to the hydraulic functions (saw and conveyors) the machine has no V-belts.
  • A one-hand control lever makes the machine very easy to use and there is an active safety cover for increased safety and easier use of the machine.
  • The speed of the machine is automatically adjusted according to the size of the trunks.
  • An adjustable hydraulic lubrication pump guarantees a long life for the saw blade and chain.
  • Self-filling chain lubrication pump gets the oil from a separate chain oil can which can be easily and rapidly replaced.
  • The control box similar to that of Hakki Pilke Hawk 25 has been included in the new Hakki Pilke Falcon.
  • The structure of the machine s lower parts enables easy access to clean underneath. A wide array of tailor-made options are available for the Falcon to enhance it’s functions and value.
  • Outward conveyor can be slewed manually from side to side.


  • Max log diameter 350mm
  • Max wood length 500mm
  • Max Splitting force 8ton
  • Saw chain 0,325/1,5/71
  • Blade length 16″
  • Dimensions in transport position:
    Height 2530mm
    Width 1250mm
    Length 2550mm
    Weight 860kg

Optional Extra’s

  • 6 way splitter
  • Hakki feed table
  • Cleaning discharge conveyor
  • Conveyor speed control
  • Additional auxiliary kit for table and table infeed rollers
  • Size guide plate for infeeding



Price list

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