Hakki Pilke

Raven 33 firewood processor

The Hakki Pilke Raven 33 is a reliable and easy-to-use firewood processor. The machine’s direct drive hydraulics enable simultaneous functions with effortless motions of the operating lever. The robust structure and minimal need for maintenance ensure that the machine is cost-efficient to use. Effortless operation and sufficient splitting power enable the processor to split even the largest of logs – get ready to make firewood for all purposes with unparalleled ease.

  • Robust structure and minimal need for maintenance.
  • Safe to use
  • Infeed conveyor reverse valve available as standard.
  • Comes with a hydraulically pivoting outfeed conveyor as standard.
  • Log feed using a heavy duty belt with a rough surface.
  • Outfeed conveyor speed control valve can be  easily installed as an accessory

The single-piece cover, which is linked with the machine’s operation and equipped with gas shocks, ensures safe operation and easy saw chain maintenance. It can also be easily opened in the event of malfunctions. The low power requirement and weight enable the machine to be used with lighter equipment. The Raven 33 comes as standard with belt feed and a laterally pivoting hydraulic outfeed conveyor. Accessories can be used to equip the firewood processor for every need. The infeed conveyor reverse valve can be used to feed and reverse logs regardless of the machine function. The features of the Raven 33 firewood processor make it a perfect fit for shared use. The 6-way splitting blade turns even the sturdiest of logs into conveniently sized firewood.

Speed up the process even further with a log lifter or log table.

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic infeed conveyor
  • Safety cover
  • Automatic chain oil lubrication
  • Automatic speed valve
  • Pivoting outfeed conveyor
  • Infeed conveyor reverse valve
  • Cleaning outfeed conveyor


Max log diameter:  330 mm 13”
Max log length:  500 mm 20”
Maximum splitting power:  6 t
Bar:  15”
Power source:  PTO, 3 phase electric, engine
Splitting blade:  2/4-way
Outfeed conveyor length:  4 m 13’1”
Infeed conveyor length:  2.2 m 7’2”

Dimensions in transport position
Height:  2,450 mm 8’0”
Length:  2,500 mm 8’2”
Width:  1,200 mm 3’11” (with engine 210mm 7′)
Weight:  820 kg 1,808 lbs (with engine TBC)

Optional equipment

  • Infeed serial connection kit + valve
  • Accessory valve
  • Infeed guide plate
  • Splitting blade 6-way
  • Outfeed conveyor extension 1 m
  • Outfeed conveyor speed control
  • Heater for oil
  • Toolbox


  • HakkiLift Raven *
  • HakkiFeed 371 (422, 471 and 472) *
  • Hakki Pilke Cleaner
  • Hakki Pilke Roller
  • Powerpack

*requires additional valve



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