Chainsaw Mills

Logosol Timberjig chainsaw sawmill

Logosol's simplest chainsaw mill. Similar to the Alaskan mill. Prices start from £137.50 plus VAT

Logosol Timberjig with guide rail system

SPECIAL OFFER £649 + VAT FOR A LIMITED PERIOD. Cut timber up to 80cms in diameter with the Logosol Big mill chainsaw sawmill system - similar concept to Alaska mills but bigger.

Logosol Big Mill - NEW

Cut giant logs on the spot where they were felled with the NEW Logosol Big Mill - Wide Slabber - from £ 2,200 plus VAT

Logosol F2 chainsaw mill

NEW....based on the original Farmer chainsaw mill, the new F2 chainsaw mill makes milling that much simpler again for logs up to 50cms. From £1,195 plus VAT

Logosol M8 chainsaw mill

The Logosol Sawmill M8 allows you to produce high-class planks and boards from your logs.

Logosol F2+ chainsaw mill

A sturdier chain sawmill for large logs up to 70cms. The F2 on steroids! From £1845 plus VAT