Model 7: Excavator post knocker

The Model 7 post driver is a versatile and powerful machine designed for farmers and small-scale contractors, offering exceptional performance in various terrain and applications. The machine has a heavier hammer and longer beam than the Model 6 and it suitable for excavators over 8 Ton, thus allows more hammer travel for greater hitting force.

Main features:

  • Versatility: The Model 7 post driver is highly versatile, allowing posts to be driven up on banks, across drains, over hedges, and more, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks and environments.
  • Attachment Bracket Flexibility: These can be changed in minutes to fit excavator or loader hitches, providing flexibility and ease of use with different machines.
  • Heavy-Duty Hammer: The Model 7 post driver delivers superior hitting force, making it suitable for driving posts into even the toughest soil conditions with a 400Kg weight.
  • Short Travel on Cap: Allows extra weight to be applied from the loader or excavator, maximizing the driving force and efficiency of the machine.
  • Interchangeable Hitches: for different machines ensure compatibility and ease of use with various equipment setups.
  • Compatibility: The Model 7 post driver is compatible with a 100 hp tractor or 7-ton tracked machine upwards, providing versatility and adaptability to different power sources.
  • Double Pulley System: allows for faster hammer free-fall, increasing productivity and reducing cycle times during operation.
  • 12 ft Rope: provides additional reach when necessary, enhancing operational flexibility and manoeuvrability.
  • Safety Cage: The Model 7 post driver prioritizes operator safety during operation.
  • CE Certified: ensures that the Model 7 post driver meets European safety and quality standards, providing assurance of its reliability and performance.
  • Optional Extra Rockspike: This is a separate attachment that enables you to punch a 90 mm hole in rocky or hardened ground conditions before you drive the post, thus improving overall versatility and effectiveness.
  • Patented design
  • interchangeable hitches for different machines



Price list

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