Vector Powerdrive

Model 6: Mini-Excavator Post knocker

This post driver can is easily mounted on your mini excavator, resulting in a flexible unit that will both dig and drive posts, and you never need to leave the cab! Fits excavators from 1.5 tonnes and up.

It is very easy to use in awkward situations and is a robust machine which will give years of service. This excavator, with a 200kg weight, will happily knock in a 8×8″ strainer.

This kit will transform your mini excavator into a very versatile and extremely effective fencing machine. Mounted on main king post, this is a highly manoeuvrable machine. Forward and rear tilt is achieved by using blade and digger arm combination.

Clean fence lines as you go, remove obstacles, dig out boulders, bury under gate cables and hammer in posts. A complete one pass system.  Access to the most difficult positions is a breeze with this outfit.

The video below will give you an idea of just how easy and convenient fencing jobs become when you combine this post driver with an excavator.

A lighter version of this post driver with a 100kg weight can be manufactured to fit a mini-excavator weighing from 1.5 tonnes up. However, this post knocker would not be capable of driving larger posts or strainers into the ground.

Main features

  • 100Kg  – suitable for 1.5 ton and above
  • 150kg  – suitable for 2.5 ton and above
  • 200Kg – suitable for 3 ton and above
  • Heavy duty post cap
  • Optional cap adaptors for square posts
  • Transfers the weight of the mast onto the post while driving, making the hammer more effective by using weight transfer system
  • Easily operated by one person
  • Short mast makes it very easy to transport both digger and post driver on a trailer
  • Hose supplied with 1/2″ standard male quick release fittings. Please note: Any other fittings required will be an additional charge.
  • No leg required to rest on the ground meaning easy to position held above ground and its use is not inhibited by hedges, banks or fencing like some other machines and is easy to use for repairs to existing fencing where a leg would make this difficult
  • Optional Extra Rockspike: This is a separate attachment that enables you to punch a 90 mm hole in rocky or hardened ground conditions before you drive the post, thus improving overall versatility and effectiveness

This post driver is very easy to use in awkward situation and is a robust machine which will give years of service.



Price list

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