Logosol B1651 Band sawmill

Logosol B1651 sawing logs up to 1651 mm

Logosol B1651 with 5 year warranty
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Logosol B1651 is an extremely stable band sawmill with enormous capacity. Suitable for efficiently sawing slabs (wide wooden discs with a natural edge) up to 1500 mm wide. The heavy-duty saw rail is designed to easily handle the weight of the enormous logs that the sawmill can handle. A unique feature is that you saw both huge logs and small logs in the same efficient and precise way, which makes the usability very broad.
If you compare with sawmills of similar size and price range, there is a big difference in both function and robust construction. The B1651 is more stable, smarter and easier to use.

Advantages of the B1651:

✔   Saw logs up to 1651 mm wide. Ideal for the production of wide boards with a natural edge, known as slabs.

✔   Thanks to the movable fixed blade guide and attachment for the log supports, the sawmill is also built for sawing thinner timber. This is unique for sawmills of this size.

✔   Extremely stable construction with reinforced log racks and a reinforced torsionally stiff headstock.

✔   Extra bearings in the bogie provide a very stable wheel path.

✔   Easy Set motorized height adjustment and Pro Set computer setworks, for intelligent control, a great help in programming the cuts you want to make.

✔   Designed and manufactured in Sweden. Like Logosol’s other band saws, is extremely robust, smart and stylish.

✔   The toolbox at the end of the sawmill also serves as a step for easier access to water filling.

✔   Integrated cable management

✔   Control the sawmill from the end of the sawmill

✔   The feed has two motors, one on each side of the saw carriage, each with its own feed chain. It is operated at the end of the log bed.

Easy Set, Pro Set and Pro Feed included as standard

Easy Set gives you a smooth setting of the saw head, with Pro Set you have an intelligent control of Easy Set to set or program the saw cuts you want to make. The Pro Feed, with dual motors feeds the saw head back and forth through the log.

Pro Set, the automatic data measuring device is an intelligent control of the Easy Set.
A great help for programming the cuts you want to make. An extremely good control system that is on a completely different level than similar solutions in the industry.

✔   You can see all the information on a display and easily control the exact position of the saw head at the touch of a button.

✔   Program the cuts you want to make, either individual thicknesses or a series of board thicknesses.

✔   The Pro Set helps you calculate how many boards and planks you can get out of the log and what order will give you the maximum yield.

✔   Pro Set is an ideal choice for those looking for high quality and ease of sawing.

The scale also features a Last Cut indicator that remembers your last cut and becomes a reference for the next one. This makes it easier for the sawyer to produce timber in exactly the right dimensions every time. You work quickly and comfortably and get a perfect sawing result.

Pro Feed, dual motor, power feed control

From a control unit at the end of the sawmill, you can drive the saw carriage back and forth on the rail with adjustable speed. The console is foldable for optimal visibility when sawing. You don’t have to walk with the saw carriage in noise and sawdust spray and the feed rate is even and optimized for best results. Very ergonomic design and easy to use.

The feed is combined with the Pro Set where you can also set the saw cut from the control panel (raise-lower the saw head) either manually or by setting different “recipes” for how you want to saw the next cut. The feed is by chain and is available for both 12V and 400V (petrol saw / electric saw).

Extra-reinforced log bed that can be easily extended.

The B1651 has reinforced log shelves, reinforced rail construction, extra feet under the log shelves and reinforced, torsional rigid saw bed ends. You can handle extraordinarily large logs on the 1764 mm wide and 6232 mm long saw rail. The standard Logosol B1651 saws very large logs, up to 4380 mm long and 1651 mm in diameter. If you need to saw longer logs, the sawmill can be extended to any length.

Sturdy log wedges and log clamps

For the very largest logs, use the four sturdy steel log wedges to lock the log in place. For smaller logs, use log clamps with sturdy handles and robust design to fix the log with great force without damaging the wood. This feature locks just as well on first cuts as it does when sawing the last thin board.

Band wheels that are combined fan wheels.

The light metal band wheels are combined fan wheels that cool the saw blade and act as an air brake. The fan wheels blow away the sawdust and keep the inside of the saw head and the workplace clean and tidy. This is a great advantage when changing blades and servicing.

Power provides capacity

Our powerful engines give you extra capacity. There are two petrol options of 23 hp from Briggs & Stratton and 27 hp from Loncin, and an electric option of 12 kW. The petrol engines are professional engines for tough conditions. The electric motor is highly efficient and provides almost double the rated power during sawing if needed.

Ready for take-off

Logosol B1651 is a very competent band sawmill for those who want to saw with band blades. You can quickly start production and begin sawing shortly after the sawmill has been delivered.

1 pc Bahco Carbide Hard Metal Blade Highly productive and non-abrasive professional blade for those with high demands on perfect timber production and minimal maintenance. This saw blade has carbide steel in the saw teeth and keeps its sharpness for an extremely long time. You never need to sharpen the blade, so you can spend time on the most fun thing in the world – sawing your own wood!

Smart and stylish Water cooling with solenoid valve that is automatically activated when the saw motor is started on the electric version and when the remote feed is started on the petrol engines.

Effective wedges for secure locking of large logs.

Log supports and clamps keeps normal sized logs properly in place, when sawing.

Smart blade guide where the fixed side is movable for small timber under 1000 mm.

NEW 5-year warranty

Applies to all of our machines. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and problems that have occurred during normal use of the products. Exceptions to the warranty are consumable items such as belts, guide bars and saw chains.

Feel safe with a market leading company with extensive experience. LOGOSOL was founded in 1989 by Bengt-Olov Bystrom and the company is still owned by the Bystrom family in Harnosand, Sweden. We have sold over 25,000 sawmills and more than 10,000 planes. We have over 25 years experience in small-scale wood processing and have daily contact with customers worldwide who fulfill their dreams of wood!

We always try to be really helpful if an accident has happened. We are sure that it is best for everyone if you continue to be totally satisfied with your LOGOSOL machine.

2-month money back guarantee

Applies to all of our machines. This means that you can try the machine before deciding. Saw, plane or mould a good deal of timber, we are not afraid of taking back a machine with a little sawdust on it. You pay for all shipping costs and the used cutting tools. Refunds will require inspection before a repayment is made.



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