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Loposol B751 5 year warranty
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In its standard configuration, the Logosol B751 has a sawing length of 4.8 metres. This band sawmill can manage logs of large diameters, up to 75 cm in diameter. With the fixed steps for depth of cut, you can easily set the sawmill to the desired board dimensions, quickly and accurately every time. You get a rigid and extremely functional band sawmill that is best in its class when it comes to sawing. Please view the video below. 

After several years of selling band sawmills, Logosol has taken the next step and launched an in-house developed band sawmill with the focus on user-friendliness and capacity. Logosol’s own bandsaw mill is Swedish-made and robust, with several well thought-out features that facilitate working with the machine. Its design is revolutionary and offers the best system for manual sawhead setting that you can find on the market.

Sawing in Fixed Steps

This sawmill model combines well-tried functions with innovative solutions. The sawhead is adjusted in fixed steps, which gives you a quick and exact setting of depth of cut. The simplified setting of depth of cut is a clear legacy from the adjusting crank of the Logosol M8 sawmill. One rotation of the crank is always 1 inch, and one additional step compensates for the kerf.

On the absolute scale on the sawhead there is also a Last Cut indicator, which helps you remember where the sawhead was positioned at the previous cut and works as a reference for the next. By this, it becomes easier for the sawyer to produce timber of exactly the right dimensions. You work quickly and comfortably, plus you get a perfect sawing result.

Robust Design

The Logosol B751 is a reliable and extremely robust band sawmill as well as it is easy to use. A smart log clamp and two log supports secure the log with great force, without damaging the timber. They work just as well when you are taking the first cuts as when cutting the last thin board.

The well thought-out design gives a vibration-free and accurate operation. The rails and the log bed are generously strengthened by a steel frame especially adapted for sawing directly on the ground. The band wheels have fan blades, which blow out sawdust and keep it clean and tidy, both inside the sawhead as well as at the worksite.

Several Motor Options

We offer several motors options: both smaller, more affordable alternatives, and others with an abundance of power. As options there are one petrol-driven 13 hp engine, and two electric motors (4.6 or 8 kW). The electric motors are highly efficient and give close to double the rated power during operation. In horsepower this is equivalent to 9.5 and 20 hp respectively. Equipped with the 8 kW electric motor, the B751 can compete with significantly larger and more expensive band sawmills.

The log moulder LM410 also fits on the rails, driven by either petrol or electricity. The cuter is 410 mm wide, which means that you can mill large 16’’ beams. Extensions, sawdust management systems and many other accessories make it possible to upgrade the B751 to suit your sawmilling needs.

Ready to Start

The Logosol B751 is an excellent band sawmill if you prefer to cut timber with a band blade rather than a chain. The sawmill comes preassembled and with a detailed user manual. You only have to assemble the rails/log bed before the sawmill is ready to start. You quickly get started with your production and can start sawing shortly after you have received the sawmill. In addition, included in the purchase, you also get band blade, levelling feet, one log clamp, two log supports, water cooling, adjustable blade guide and a two-year warranty.


  • Easy-to-set-up band sawmill with pre-assembled sawhead however the engine will require mounting. The bed will need building but you should get milling within a few hours.
  • Levelling feet are included.
  • Robust and solid. A stable design that gives you an amazing sawing result.
  • Quick and accurate setting of the saw cut. The sawhead is adjusted in fixed steps. One rotation of the crank always equals 1 inch. One step compensates for the kerf.
  • The Last Cut indicator on the absolute scale helps you remember the previous cut, and works as a reference for the next cut.
  • A patent-pending log clamp with sturdy handle and robust design is included. It secures the log with great force without damaging the timber. It works just as well when you are taking the first cuts as when cutting the last thin board.
  • Easy to keep the worksite clean. The band wheels have fan blades, which both blow out the sawdust and keep it clean and tidy inside the sawhead. A great advantage when changing band blades and carrying out maintenance and service.
  • Exact blade guiding, which you only find on considerably larger and more expensive sawmills.
  • The petrol-driven model has a first-class centrifugal clutch that facilitate the engine thrust during operation.
  • The logs can be loaded from either side of the band sawmill.
  • Fine adjustment on the bandsaw blade wheels thanks to the 3 bolts that allow perfect alignment.
  • The metal band sawcover/guard folds up when accessing the banwheels.
  • A round saw dust discharge chute allow the sawdust to be collected if required.

Technical data

  • Effective sawing length (standard): 4.8 m
  • Max. log diameter: 75.1 cm
  • Max. cant  / board width: 60 cm
  • Min. thickness of last board: 24 mm
Motor options
  • Petrol engine: 13 or 18hp
  • Electric motor: 4.6 kW (16amp) or 8 kW (20amp)
Band blades
  • Type and size: Band length: 3843 mm Width: 33 mm
  • Band blade speed: 30 m/s
Band wheels
  • Band wheel diameter: 50 cm
  • Maintenance-free wheel bearings
  • Rotational speed: 1000 rpm

Accessories available

  • Big log supports:   Part No. 8210-001-0015
  • Extra log clamp:   Part No.  8210-001-0020
  • Bed Extension 1,14m:   Part No.  8210-001-0005
  • Quick Manual Toe Board:   Part No.  8210-001-0010
  • Protective cover for sawhead:  Part No. 9031-011-0004
  • Log rest holder kit:  Part No. 8210-001-0025
  • Accessory pack includes: 1# of the quick toe board, 2# of the long log rests and 1# extra log clamp.  Part No. 8210-777-9999
Accessories available soon
  • Trailer kit on the  B751 PRO version

NEW 5-year warranty

Applies to all of our machines. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and problems that have occurred during normal use of the products. Exceptions to the warranty are consumable items such as belts, guide bars and saw chains.

Feel safe with a market leading company with extensive experience. LOGOSOL was founded in 1989 by Bengt-Olov Bystrom and the company is still owned by the Bystrom family in Harnosand, Sweden. We have sold over 25,000 sawmills and more than 10,000 planes. We have over 25 years experience in small-scale wood processing and have daily contact with customers worldwide who fulfill their dreams of wood!

We always try to be really helpful if an accident has happened. We are sure that it is best for everyone if you continue to be totally satisfied with your LOGOSOL machine.

2-month money back guarantee

Applies to all of our machines. This means that you can try the machine before deciding. Saw, plane or mould a good deal of timber, we are not afraid of taking back a machine with a little sawdust on it. You pay for all shipping costs and the used cutting tools. Refunds will require inspection before a repayment is made.

Understanding your sawmill

Please view the videos below to view a series of videos demonstrating how to do various things on the band sawmill.

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