Timberwolf TW280HB Hybrid

The TW280HB Hybrid – an Industry first

Reducing Emissions – Developed to meet a growing need in the industry, the TW 280HB HYBRID offers peak power of 62hp with Kubota Super Mini Series engine emission levels. With a 7 tonne per hour output, this woodchipper is easy to maintain and is ideal for companies who are committed to minimising their emissions and fuel usage without compromising on performance.

How does the Timberwolf hybrid work?

Self charging powertrain.

When idling, the D902-TE4 turbo diesel engine directs energy into the Inmotion Generator Synchronous Motor (GSM) and drives energy recovery to the rotor (maintaining target RPM). During this period with no chipping load, the SECH supercapacitors are charged by the GSM as instructed by the Chipper Control Unit (CCU).

Energy boost on demand.

When chipping starts, the rotor RPM naturally drops. If this RPM drops to a pre-determined set-point, the CCU will prompt the demand for additional energy. This is supplied according to the load mode automatically detected by the CCU based on the rate of decay.

Chipping power when you need it most.

This additional energy, stored in the SECH supercapacitors, is directed back into the GSM where it now acts to provide additional recovery energy to the rotor. The result is enhanced efficiency and chipping capability for the user when they need it most.


  • Class-leading peak power of 62hp (46.3kW)
  • Kubota D902-TE4, 24.8hp (18.5kW), turbo diesel engine
  • With swift recharging capability, SECH supercapacitors provide additional energy when required
  • Maintenance-free, 37.3hp (27.8kW) generator synchronous motor (GSM) and supercapacitors
  • All electrical components rated to IP68


  • Processing throughput of over 7 tonnes/hr
  • Emissions and fuel consumption at Kubota Super Mini Series engine levels*
  • Self-charging system: no external charging required. No diesel particulate filter (DPF) or AdBlue required. Less fuel-quality sensitivity.
  • No diesel particulate filter (DPF) or AdBlue™ requirement
  • Less fuel quality sensitivity
  • Patented exhaust gas cooler reduces exhaust temperatures by 150°C
  • Enhanced operator diagnostics for easy troubleshooting

PLUS all the elements you would expect from the TW 280 range:

  • EN13525 compliant
  • 280mm x 210mm feed opening (210mm (8 1⁄4”) cutting performance)
  • 2 x quick access double-sided reversible blades
  • Quad force rollers for ultimate crushing power
  • 285° adjustable discharge chute
  • Refined, ergonomic hitch/unhitch experience with connection storage points
  • Timberwolf reliability and simplicity built-in

*Based on Kubota’s emissions and fuel consumption data (testing over a fixed test cycle under laboratory conditions).


Engine Kubota D902-TE4 24.8 HP Turbo Diesel
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 36 litres
Hybrid Powertrain 37.3HP Inmotion Generator Synchronous Motor (GSM)
Maximum Chipping 21cm / 8.25″
Capacity 7+ Tonnes Per Hour
Feed Method Twin Series Hydraulic Quad Force Rollers
Blades 2 x 158mm Double Sided, Fully Hardened, Reversible
Length 3862mm (Tray Down) / 3332mm (Tray Up)
Width 1653mm
Height 2304mm (1612mm with discharge tube removed)
Weight 1270KG



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