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LumberMate PRO HD36 sawmill accessories

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blades with logo

  • Hårkansson Standard Suitable for both soft and Hardwood
  • Ripper 37™ Longer life blade suitable for Hardwood
  • Hårkansson HSS Very long life blade 3 – 4 times the normal blade. Suitable for all types of wood including very hard woods

Trailer/Support Jack Package – 8030-001-0035

LumberMate HD36 trailer kit.2

Tow your Pro from job to job.  The Norwood trailer package does not have a braked system in place therefore, despite being capable of a high towing speed it is only suitable for slow towing due to regulations in the UK.  Package also includes 6 support jacks. Note: Maximum of one 4-foot bed extension permitted on trailer-equipped model. (Item No. LM34-41150) Add a pair of support jacks to support optional 4-foot bed extension. (Item No. LM34-SJ2)

Now available a road legal towing kit with trailer braking

Leveling Stands – 8030-001-0015

norwood lumbermate HD36 levelling feet

Ideal for the stationary-model of the LM Pro, sturdy 9”-high stands (22.5cm) deliver solid support and quick-leveling capabilities for faster set-up times. Set includes 10 leveling stands. Add two leveling stands (1/5 set) to support each 4-foot bed extension. (Item No. LM34-41170)

4-Foot Bed Extension – 8030-001-0005

Standard, the LumberMate Pro mills up to 17-feet (3.9m) long. To mill logs 21-feet (5.1m), add one 4-ft (1.2m) extension. To mill 21-feet (6.3m), add two extensions. Mill 41-foot (12.3m) beams with 7 extensions! Each 4-foot extension bolts permanently to the end of the log deck. Additional log rest/dog clamping assemblies sold separately. Note: Maximum of one 4-foot extension permitted on trailer-equipped model. (Item No. LM34-41130)

Detachable 2-Foot Bed Extension – 8030-001-0010

norwood lumbermate HD36 2ft extensionSecures to the log deck with quick-connect pins. This optional 2-foot (0.6m) extension lets you mill longer logs without permanently extending your bed. Especially useful to squeeze out extra milling capacity on the trailer-equipped LumberMate. Stow it conveniently out of the way when not in use. Add a second to get 4-feet (1.2m) extra capacity. (Item No. LM34-41140)

Log Loading/Rolling & Ramp Package – 8030-001-0025

LumberMateLM29 log loaderA must for milling operations without access to heavy-lift loaders or forklifts. Load large logs onto your LM Pro and hold them in place for quick-dogging. Pass the winch cable over and around the log, connect it to the log deck frame and operate the winch – the log rolls up the ramps onto the bed. Also makes rolling (rotating) the log on the bed a snap – speeds up squaring cants. Package includes two loading ramps, 2-speed 1800 lb. winch, mast/boom and receiver and log-rolling hook. (Item No. LM34-41400)

Saw Carriage Cover – 8030-001-0040

norwood lumbermate HD36 saw coverProtect your investment. Made from the same rugged material used for transport-truck covers – they’re rip, rot and UV-resistant. Tailored specifically for the LumberMate Pro to fit snuggly over the whole carriage and equipped with draw-cords. (Item No. LM34-41290)

Lap Siding & Shingle Making Package – 8000-001-0087

norwood lumbermate HD36 lap and shingle kitMake shiplap and cedar-shake siding quickly and easily. With this unique jig, cut lap-siding 7” – 12” (17.5 – 30cm) wide, with taper widths down to a feather-edge. If you want long lengths of feather edge boards you’ll need at least 2 kits which should cut up to 12 feet. Three kits would do up to about 18 feet.
Reconfigure the jigs and make cedar-shake shingles 7” – 12” (17.5 – 30cm) wide and up to 20” (50cm) long – Each pass makes two shingles. Two jigs per set. Tip: To double shingle production, add an extra set. (Item No. 41270)

Toe Board & Log Repositioning Package – 8030-001-0155

LumberMateLM29 toe board kitQuickly compensate for log taper and mill true, high-value lumber. Equipped with rollers for easier, faster log repositioning on the log deck. Lateral quick-adjust design so you can locate and lock each toe board directly under the load. (Item No. LM34-41285)

Quick-Click© Indexing Detent Setworks

LumberMate_MX34_qucik-click_measring_systemQuickly see your next depth mark. A weight/gravity indicator clicks into detents on specially-calibrated scales available in various standard board-thickness increments.

  • 8030-001-0050 Quick-Click© Indexing Detent Setwork Indicator System (Item No. LM34-DSIND)
  • 8030-001-0052  ¾” Detent Scale (Item No. LM34-DS34S)
  • 8030-001-0054  6/4” Detent Scale (Item No. LM34-DS64S)
  • 8030-001-0056  8/4” Detent Scale (Item No. LM34-DS84S)
  • 8030-001-0058  25mm Detent Scale

Board return system – 8030-001-0080

norwood lumbermate HD36 board return systemIf your LM Pro is equipped with the remote-controlled power sawhead, you can boost production more by equipping your sawmill with the board return system. When you power the carriage back after making a cut, the steel drag-back fingers firmly and steadily return the board to the head of the mill. Just direct each board into your waiting trailer or lumber pile. (Item No. LM34-PSH-5010)

Rapid-Dogging & Rolling System – 8030-001-0085

norwood lumbermate HD36 rapid dogging and rolling systemIf you mill mainly small to mid-sized sawlogs 6” – 16” (15 – 40cm) in diameter, this patented dogging and rolling system is engineered to save you time and hassle. Bolt each of the two dogging/rolling assemblies onto separate cross bunks. You’ll find your sawlog, resting right on the smooth-action rollers, is easier to turn – even by hand! Dogging is also faster thanks to the one-handed, single-action log dog clamps designed specifically to handle this mid-size dimension logs. Two units per set. (Item No. 41295)

Log-Dog/Log-Rest Kit – 8030-001-0060 (LM34-DRKIT)

The LumberMate Pro is equipped with two complete quick connect/ quick-disconnect log-dog/log-rest assemblies. However, if you require a complete set again, this is what you need to order. Also available receivers. See below.

Log-Dog/Log-Rest Receivers only – LM34-DRRCRKIT

norwood lumbermate HD36 log clamping receiversThe LumberMate Pro is equipped with two complete quick connect/ quick-disconnect log-dog/log-rest assemblies. Each log clamping assembly nests securely in receivers permanently installed inside the log deck. Add extra receivers, and move your log clamps to different stations along your mill fast and easy. Each set includes two receivers (enough for one station) plus mounting hardware. (Item No. LM34-DRRCRKIT) Also available, additional complete log dog/rest clamping systems (one log dog/rest station per set). (Item No. LM34-DRKIT) see above

Cant Hook (Short) – 9999-000-5205

Norwood cant hookDesigned to turn and roll logs while on the mill. At only 30” (75cm) long, this cant hook is nimble and easy to handle. Grips 8” – 32” (20cm – 80cm) diameter logs. Item No. MS030

Cant Hook (Long)

Granit Cant hookExtra solid construction, conical handle socket and extended handle spring, forged hook with triangular, polished tip, including ash handle. 130 cm long.

Peavey Hook – 9999-000-5210

Norwood peavey hookIndispensable for rolling logs around the woodlot and onto the mill. Jab the peavey point into the ground to gain extra torque for log rolling. 42” (105cm) handle gives good leverage without being cumbersome. Grips 8” – 32” (20cm – 80cm) diameter logs. Item No. PV042

Lumber Scale Magnets

(9/4”, 6/4”, 5/4” and 9/8”) – Your LumberMate Pro comes standard with a 2”, 1” and ¾” depth-of-cut scale with the kerf already calculated in. To mill specialty-sized 9/4”, 6/4”, 5/4” and 9/8” lumber, simply install the optional pair of 9/4”, 6/4”, 5/4” and 9/8” magnetic scales calibrated with kerf allowance. When you want to mill standard lumber again, just peel them off and store them for later use. An optional metric scale set is available to mill 5cm, 4cm and 2cm boards. Each pair includes the primary and secondary scales. (9/4”, 6/4”, 5/4” and 9/8” Scale: Item No. LM34-LS-94KIT) (5cm, 4cm and 2cm Scale: Item No. LM34-LS-CMKIT)

Board Offloaders – 8030-001-0075

LumberMate MX34 Board Offloader System speeds up offloading boards on both the MX34 & ML26 portable sawmillsSpeed up production, and profits, with a set of board offloaders. Push the fresh-sawn board or slab onto the bunk-mounted offloader rollers, and shoot it down to the end of the bed for fast, efficient unloading and stacking. Quickly retractable so there’s zero interference when milling oversized logs and cants. Four roller assemblies per set. (Item No. 41287).

Sharpeners – 9999-000-1505

GrinderQuality lumber and saw blade life depend on a sharp blade. The full blade profile should be sharpened at least every couple of hours. Make it convenient for yourself and own your own….read more

Tooth setter

Norwood tooth setter (1)Teeth naturally lose their set over time which reduces sawmill blade efficiency. It can also cause the blade to dive/climb, or produce wavy or scored boards. Check and restore tooth set at least every 3 sharpenings for efficient, straight and smooth milling.Set your sawmill band blades to mill perfect lumber with Norwood’s Tooth Setter. Plunger-style design to accurately and systematically check the set of each tooth before engaging the mechanism to restore the set. Reset an entire blade in less than 15 minutes