New Hakki Pilke Easy 43 firewood processor


Hakki Pilke Easy 43 is an entirely new firewood processor for professional users. Positive user experience especially from Easy 42 model has been exploited for the development of the new machine boasting with many desired features. The most visible change for customers is the brand new user interface, which is based on easy-to-use and ergonomic joystick control. Sawing is controlled using a button that always automatically applies optimal sawing pressure. The efficiency of Easy 43 was ensured by adding a new bigger, no-delay splitting cylinder (15 t), and other new features that make material flow even smoother than before including hydraulic log presser, hydraulically retracting log measuring device as well as log landing plates.

Most important features of the new Easy 43:

  • new powerful one button-operated saw
  • hydraulically retracting log measuring device
  • log landing plates
  • AC 10 automatic chain tensioner
  • wide hydraulically swiveling out-feed conveyor with in-built debris cleaner as an accessory
  • log feed assist mechanism as an accessory

Download Easy 43 brochure here

Hakki Pilke Easy 43 is available from the beginning of 2017 as PTO and combi model. New Hakki Pilke Powerpack can be selected as an alternative power source for the PTO models.

Hakki Pilke Powerpack is an alternative power source for PTO or combi-powered Hakki Pilke firewood processors. Powerpack is the best choice for any user whose tractor is needed for something else such as log handling or other tasks than powering the firewood processor, and when there is no suitable electricity available.

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