EFCO 5200 – £429.99 inc VAT

EF152 EFCO 3-years-warranty.small

Features include:

  • 3 year warranty including engine
  • This extremely reliable, high performance petrol chainsaw from Efco is ideal for agricultural and estate use. It has a powerful 51.7 cc engine that has been engineered to deliver high levels of torque for quick and efficient cutting.
  • Easy starts are guaranteed every time – even from cold – thanks to a built-in decompressor.
  • Solid and dependable, the Efco 5200 Petrol Chainsaw has been designed for heavy and frequent use.
  • It can be employed for a range of tasks including collecting and sawing up firewood, lopping and felling. The saw will continue to deliver high work rates over time and provide maximum durability.
  • Fitted with a full range of safety features including anti-kick back protection and front hand-guard.
  • The anti-vibration system fully isolates the handles from the engine reducing operator fatigue.
  • Other stand-out features on this chainsaw include the choice of manual or automatic adjustment on the oil pump. This enables you to ‘fine tune’ the flow of oil to the chain should conditions demand.
  • Despite its heavy-weight design, the Efco 5200 Petrol Chainsaw is one of the lightest saws in its class, weighing just 5.0 kg.


Power 3.4 Hp / 2.5kw
Displacement 51.7cc
Bar length 18″ / 46 cm
Chain(pitch x gauge) .325″ x .058″
Fuel tank capacity 0.5 L
Oil pump Automatic /
Oil tank capacity 0.27 L
Weight 5.0 Kg



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