EFCO MT3700 - £209.99 inc VAT

This 35cc chainsaw is Suitable for intensive home use

MT4100 S

EFCO MT4100 S - £244.99 inc VAT

This 41cc Eco-friendly low emission engine with a high performance chainsaw for discerning home owner


EFCO MT4400 - £339.00 inc VAT

This 43cc chainsaw is a versatile saw for both commercial and heavy-duty domestic use


EFCO MT5200 - £429.99 inc VAT

This 51cc chainsaw is extremely reliable, has a high performance petrol chainsaw from Efco and is ideal for agricultural and estate use.


EFCO MT6500 - £479.99 inc VAT

This 64cc chainsaw has been designed for heavy-duty use in the most testing environmental conditions