EFCO TG 2650 XP double sided petrol hedgecutterEFCO 3-years-warranty.small

Features include:

  • Designed to make light work of professional and heavy-duty domestic applications
  • Powerful and dependable 1.2hp two-stroke engine
  • Fuel-primer makes cold starting easier
  • Digital coil keeps the power-output constant across the rev-band
  • Rev-limiter serves to protect the engine
  • Premium-quality drive-linkage for quiet, low-vibration operation
  • Double-sided steel blades cut quickly and cleanly
  • 35mm tooth-gap – ideal for large-diameter growth
  • Four anti-vibration springs isolate the engine from the handles
  • Five-stage twistable rear-handle for comfortable trimming at any angle


Power/Displacement 1.2 HP – 0.9 kW/25.4 cm³
Blade type double
Blade length 600mm
Blade pitch 35mm
Weight 5.3Kg



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