Blowers and vacuum cleaners

EFSA2700  EFCO 3-years-warranty.small

Features include:

  • 3 year warranty including engine
  • Professional leaf blower offering the highest specifications
  • Powerful and reliable 30.5 cc 2-stroke Emak engine for long term reliabilty
  • High-speed air flow for more effective working
  • Low vibrations for more comfortable operation
  • Low weight design for less strain on arms & shoulders
  • Low noise operation for use in residential areas
  • Steel blades on impellor for rapid waste reduction in vacuum mode
  • (vac kit required)


Power/Displacement 1.2 HP – 0.9 kW/30.5 cm³
Max. air volume 11.6 m³/min – 700 m³/h
Max air speed 65 m/sec
Collection  bag  capacity 36 L
Weight 4.5 Kg



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