Automatic chain sharpener

The easy way to a perfect result

The Logosol automatic chain sharpener for your chainsaw

It is easy to keep the cutting tools in good condition. LOGOSOL has the sharpening machines that give you the required sharpness, no matter if you are sawing with a chain or a band blade. The automatic chain sharpener comes with a 6mm thick disc for the rakers and a 4mm disc for sharpening the teeth. Supplement with a diamond grinding disc as well, for an even better result. The grinder also comes with a automatic stop and weighted wheel. Not suitable for 404 chains.

Sharpen the chains automatically!

An automatic grinder that facilitates your work and ensures a better sawing result. Besides sharpening automatically, it sharpens extremely well and you get the luxury of always having a perfect chain when sawing.

✔ It sharpens the chain in 3 minutes!

✔ It sharpens both cross-cutting chains and ripping chains.

Please note that the transformer and battery are not included.

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