Sawmill band blade sharpener

The Grindlux Auto Grinder

logosol_gl4000_ auto grinder

Quality lumber and saw blade life depend on a sharp blade therefore make it convenient for yourself and own your own sharpener.

The Logosol Grindlux sharpens your bandsaw blades completely automatically. A feeder arm feeds the blade forwards and a clamp, which is fitted to the blade, turns the machine off when the blade has been sharpened one turn. The machine can be adjusted for tooth rake angle, gullet depth and take off.

Taking care of the bandsaw blades is important. They will last longer if you change blade after having cut 10-20 logs, and then recondition the blade you have used. Start with cleaning and rust protecting the blade with universal oil. Naturally, the cutting teeth must be kept sharp, but it is just as important to grind the gullets, where small cracks can occur in the material. When the cracks are ground off and the teeth are sharp again, the blade should rest at least one day in order to let the steel recover. After that, the blade is like new again. If you grind off 0.1 mm (1/128″) every time you sharpen the blade, you can sharpen it approx. 10 times.

What blades can the Grindlux sharpen?

The Grindlux sharpener can accommodate blades that have a 22 or 25mm pitch and are between 32 and 38mm wide.

Please Note:

toolsThis grinder is supplied in a kit and will require building up.



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