Eliminator weed wiper

C-Dax Eliminator weed wiper

Eliminator_1_0412 Winged Eliminator_BA#649BEEThe C-Dax Eliminator trailed weed wiper dramatically reduces damage to your pasture by putting chemical on the weeds rather than the whole pasture. Quality C-Dax construction is means an extremely robust, trailed weed wiper designed to control weeds while preserving pasture. The electronic chemical flow controller allows operators to quickly adjust the amount of chemical being pumped to the wiping carpets to suit the level of infestation. A pressurised feed system ensures equal amounts of chemical are pumped to either side of the wiper regardless of the angle of operation. 

C-Dax Eliminator weed wiper features

  • Four height settings from 85mm – 385mm
  • Electronic controller allows you to adjust the chemical flow to suit the infestation level
  • Bruise bar to maximise chemical uptake
  • Non-drip woollen carpets for maximum contact and longevity
  • Patented feed system for even chemical distribution on the roughest terrain
  • Low volume so you can maintain your weed control programme with no spray drift or runoff
  • 360 degree swivel tow hitch
  • Compatible with all C-Dax 12 volt sprayers

C-Dax Eliminator weed wiper specifications

  • 2.3m wiping width (winged version 4.3m)
  • Application rates between 3.9–40.2 L/ha
  • Four height settings, from approximately 85mm to 385mm
  • Comes with:
  • 4m of delivery hose
  • Electronic flow rate controller
  • Dry break couplers and plumbing kit
  • Weight: 70kg



  • 50 Litre On-board tank with 12-volt pump
  • Winged Eliminator (4.30m width)



Price list

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