Pallet forks

Adjustable pallet fork with 2.5 tonnes maximum load

Product Code: 16-JPFE25

  • Frame width 122 cm
  • Frame height 50.5 cm
  • Pallet fork width 12 cm
  • Pallet fork length 120 cm

Forged forks with wide load bearing surfaces which distribute the load across a wide area. The low frame gives a good view.

A stable pallet fork supplied with Euro attachment.

Optional extra

Product Code: 16-JPGN

Grapple attachment that fits Kellfri’s adjustable pallet fork with a low frame.

• Max. load 1,000 kg
• Hydraulic hoses 150 cm
• Hydraulic hoses Ø 2 cm

A cheap and easy way to utilise the pallet fork for loading timber or brushwood.

The grapple is controlled using a double-acting hydraulic cylinder. The grapple is fitted to the fork frame.

The grapple attachment requires a double-acting hydraulic outlet on the tractor.

The grapple attachment is supplied with two hydraulic ½ inch, quick coupling male hoses.



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