4 Rotor Tedder

HIT 540 N


  • 7 Tine arms per rotor. Great for late or heavy crops.
  • Tine savers as standard
  • Can do 2 x 10ft / 8ft if swathed
  • Lift lock as standard
  • Heavy duty UJ’s on drivelines.
  • Machine can run in transport position
  • Rotors can be turned inwards for transport or storage
  • Fenceline tedding as standard. Manual operation on each wheel
  • Pivoting headstock with heart shaped pivot pin retainer
    1. Perfect for cornering as tedder follows the tractors tracks
    2. When lifted the machine swings into central position
    3. Tedder cannot crab sideways, even on slopes
    4. Double acting absorber struts on both sides ensuring the tedder remains centred, even on slopes (optional extra)
  • Intelligent details…read more

HIT 540 N Specification

Working width 5,4 m
Working width DIN 5,2 m
Transport width 2,85 m
Transport height 3 m
Parking height 2,6 m
Weight 420 kg
Number of rotors 4 pcs.
Number of arms per rotor 7 pcs.
Type of tines unequal leg length
Quality of tines Super C
Tine security system HEAVY DUTY as standard
Transmission PTO shaft
Rotor diameter 1,67 m
Fenceline spreading system Mechanical individual wheels
Tyres – rotor outside / inside 16 x 6,5-8/16 x 6,5-8

HIT tedders – Intelligent details

Very robust and stable

  • The frame tubes (tube dimensions 70 x 7 mm) on HIT tedders are weld-free and are keyed and pressed onto castings for a permanent fit
  • High duty frame pivots with replaceable bushings
  • New clamp-mounted and reinforced safety guards increase rigidity
  • High quality paintwork – powder coated for elasticity and durability
  • Large flotation tyres ensure smooth running and protect the sward, even over bumpy ground

Transmission – Extended service life

  • The heavy duty HIT-Tech double c.v. joints are similar to those on a tractor’s front half-shafts. Each rotor can move freely under full power in every position
  • Maintenance-free, sealed shaft joints


  • Flat bar tine arms ensure fittings are secured safely and reliably
  • Each rotor hub features an additional support plate – increases the stability of the tine arm mountings
  • Fine teething allows adjustment of rotor angle in seven stages of one degree each
  • Different rotor diameters available for different operating conditions

Heavy Duty tines with a long service life

  • Double tines made from best possible spring steel
  • The curved mounting supports the tines and makes them harder wearing
  • Integrated tine security system with improved support of tine spring for even longer service life
  • Improved spreading quality and longer service life thanks to different
  • lengths
  • Tines can be set in two positions as standard – no tine gauge required


  • Hydro-comfort i.e. the outer rotors lift hydraulically
  • 4 rotor tedders can be hinged inwards to safe space during transport and storage

Fenceline tedding

  • Setting the wheels at an angle causes the tedder to run diagonally so the forage is not directed into neighbouring crops
  • The system can also be used on steep slopes – preventing the tedder from drifting downhill
  • the wheels can be adjusted to left or right

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