Twin rotor rakes

EUROTOP 620N / 620A / 762C – Centre swath rakes


Pottinger 620N rakeFeatures include:

  • The EUROTOP 620N is a compact twin Pottinger financerotor rake and is ideal when access is restricted.
  • Twin rotor machines have a fixed working width at 5.9m but the swath width is variable by changing the timing of the  cam tracks
  • Largest diameter cam tracks and the biggest bearing support distance on the market.
  • 10 tine arms that are detachable
  • LIft lock on mounted machines
  • Twin rotor machines can run in transport position.

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NEW – TOP 762C

The 762C is a new twin rake from Pöttinger that has been designed on high forage quality, perfect ground tracking and extreme manoeuvrability. The new centre-swath dual rakes have been developed to deliver unique manoeuvrability and protection of the ground and forage.

pottinger 762 rake

  • The new TopTech+ rotor unit combines proven technology with a new design: the new rotors are 3.30 m on the TOP 762 C and 13 tine arms retain their field-proven characteristics. 
  • Pöttinger offers the largest cam track diameter of 420 mm and a tine arm bearing spacing of 600 mm.
  • The large diameter and smooth cam track without steep inclines ensure uniform tine movement and give the tine arms maximum stability with minimum stress on the arm bearings.
  • The tine arms are easy to replace using just two bolts. If a collision should occur, a damaged tine arm can easily be removed and replaced. This is another positive contribution to ensuring availability of the machine.
  • The cam track can be adjusted according to changing forage quantities and harvesting conditions.
  • The rotor transmission unit is extremely rugged with the gears submerged in oil and completely sealed.
  • A large diameter gear wheel guarantees smooth running and a long service life. TheTop Tech complete system is fully encapsulated and sealed to keep out dust.
  • The new rotor unit guarantees more productivity, stability and reliability at the same time as enhanced service friendliness.
  • In spite of the impressive rotor diameter of up to 3.30 m the transport height is below 4 metres without having to remove the tine arms. These machines are also narrow during transport with a width of just 2.55 m (optional extra) for quick and safe transfer from one field to the next.
  • For the highest stability on slopes, the chassis frame is available with an outside width of 2.55 m (optional extra) or 2.90 m (standard)

The TOP 762 C have two different ways of adjusting the working width:

  • Version 1:  mechanical using adjustment spindle. This system provides working widths between 6.9 and 7.4 m on the TOP 762 C
  • Version 2: hydraulic. This system allows you to adjust the working width between 6.9 and 7.6 m on the TOP 762 C.

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Rake Specifications

Pottinger 620N rake
762C – NEW
pottinger 762 rake
Working width 5.9 m 6,9 – 7,6 m
Variable working width adjustment Yes – Mechanical
Cam track timing
Yes – Mechanical
Cam track timing
Hydraulic (Optional)
Rotor diameter 2.82 m 3,3 m
Transport width 2.7 m 2,9 m
2.55m (optional)
Transport height 3.4m m 3,99 m
Transport length tbc 5,83 m
Parking height without tine arms removed 3.4 m 3,99 m
Parking height with tine arms removed 2.9 m 3,5 m
Tine arms per rotor 10 13 pcs.
Removable tine carrier arms per rotor 10 13 pcs.
Tines per tine arm 3 4 pcs.
Weight 860 Kg 1980 kg
Mounting 3pt linkage mounted Trailed hydraulic folding
Tires – chassis 260/70-15,3
Swath placement in direction of travel middle middle
Height adjustment system Hand crank Hand crank
Axle (standard) single
Optional Tandem
3-wheel chassis5 Wheel chassis (optional)
Rotor tires (standard) 16 x 6.5-8 16 x 6,5-8
Rotor unit Toptech Toptech plus
Wide angle P.T.O. Wide-angle PTO shaft on one side Wide-angle PTO shaft on one side
Multitast N/A Standard

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