Bale cutter and film catcher

Cashels Bale cutter and film catcher


The patented Bale Cutter & Film Catcher from Cashels is designed to increase the productivity of handling and feeding round bales of silage, hay and straw. Suitable for tractors, skid-steer loaders and farm loaders, the Cashels Bale Cutter & Film Catcher is used on farms throughout the world due to its vast number of key features.

The Bale Cutter & Film Catcher shears through bales with a massive 10 tonnes of pressure. Having been rigourously tested in Scandinavia for two seasons prior to its launch, this product can guarantee a successful cut every single time, even on the toughest frozen bales.

Key Features:

  • Patented curved frame and film catcher combination ensures the net/film is retained every time.
  • Double-edged HARDOX blade cuts through silage, hay and straw with ease.
  • Large hydraulic cylinders mounted on top of the cutting section give incredible cutting performance, even on frozen bales.
  • Cleverly designed hydraulics ensure functionality of the cutting section and film catcher in sequence using just two hoses.
  • Supplied with 5 x CAT 2 tines. The option to add 2 additional tines is available to enable the unit to transport two bales if required.



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