Logosol PS315

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Dimensioning Saw PS315

Every hobby joiner who has a table saw knows that the saw does not always deliver the expected precision. At the same time, everyone who has bought boards or laminates sawn by a professional knows the value of millimetre precision and straight edges with even surfaces. The pros use dimensioning saws that cost as much as a new car. Logosol’s dimensioning saw gives exactly the same results, but at a considerably lower price. 

Combined frame and saw table

Logosol’s dimensioning saw is in the main built from one single piece of sturdy cast iron, which gives excellent stability and vibration damping. The precision-processed saw table, next to the circular saw blade, goes down under the sliding table, which means that all parts that affects the sawing are connected to the cast iron table. The table is supported by a firm steel-sheet under frame.

Tempered balls in tempered tracks

The heavy and stable sliding table runs on sixteen tempered steel balls with the impressive diameter of 19 mm (3/4″). The balls run in tempered steel tracks in an aluminium profile, which is firmly bolted to the cast iron. This design gives a stable and almost unreal smooth movement, even in the dustiest environments.

Saw blade and fence

The circular saw blade can be precision adjusted both in height and angle (0-45 degrees). It is vibrationlessly run by a quality motor of 3 kW (4 hp) via a Poly-V belt. When maximally loaded the motor delivers nearly 6 kW (8 hp). The resaw fence, which runs along a steel bar, has micro-adjustment for fine-tuning the width in tenths of a millimetre. The fence can be mounted standing or lying, depending on the height of the workpieces to be sawn. The angle fence on the sliding table can be mounted on both sides of the table, so that you can choose between pushing the workpiece with the fence or pushing the workpiece against the fence. All sawing angles are, of course, adjustable.

Standard and optional

The dimension saw PS315 comes completely equipped with a universal saw blade of 315 mm (12 7/16″), a stable SUVA guard for the saw blade, an extension table for the sliding table and the out-feed table. There is a chip extractor connection under the saw blade, and also the blade guard can be connected to a chip extractor. As accessories there are additional extension tables for the sliding table, clamping devices and saw blades suitable for different purposes.

A small-scale professional machine!

Logosol offers small-scale machines that do the same job as large industrial machines, only they are smaller in size and lower priced. Logosol’s dimensioning saw cuts as well as larger professional machines. What makes our dimensioning saw different from industrial machines is that it is not optimal for large-scale production where large work-pieces are machined. However, Logosol’s dimensioning saw suits smaller joinery workshops or other businesses that work with small-scale wood processing and require high quality on their products.

Features include

  • Micro-adjustment of the resaw fence.
  • Unique bearing construction that gives a stable movement and a fine cut.
  • Full-size, stable sliding table mounted on a cast iron chassis.
  • SUVA guard for the saw blade.

Technical data


Sawing height: 0-104 mm (0-4 1/8″)
Spindel diameter, standard: 30 mm (1 3/16″)
Saw blade diameter: 315 mm (12 7/16″)
Number of rev., saw blade: 4400 rpm
Saw blade tilting: 0-45 degrees


Continuous output, motor: 3 kW (4 hp)
Electrical system: 3-phase 400V
Also available as 1-phase 220V


Length between saw blade and resaw fence: 800 mm alt. 400 mm (31 9/16″ alt. 15 3/4″)
Sliding table length: 1250 mm (49 1/4″)
Sliding table width: 350 mm (13 13/16″)
Sliding table cutting length: 1235 mm (48 11/16″)
Table length: 900 mm (35 1/2″)
Table width: 750 mm (29 9/16″)
Table height: 850 mm (33 1/2″)
Weight: 295 kg (650 lbs)


Widening of the sliding table (L x W): 500 x 350 mm (19 3/4″ x 13 13/16″)
Widening of table (L x W): 900 x 440 mm (35 1/2″ x 17 3/8″)
Extension for the sliding table (L x W): 500 x 150 mm (19 3/4″ x 5 15/16″)



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