Logosol H410

Jointer/Planer H410

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A jointer/planer is the base of the joinery workshop. When you are jointing or planing the lumber you are laying the basis for the following work. The better planer, the better final result you will get. So, this is a machine that is well worth going in for. Logosol’s jointer/planer is built the same way as the professionals’ many times more expensive machines. It has precisionprocessed machine tables of cast iron, a stable side fence and double motors. Here you find the power to joint and plane the hardest sorts of wood.

Heavy precision in a compact format


With the help of a lever the front jointer table can quickly be adjusted for a cutting depth of between 0-10 mm (0 and 7/16″). The rear jointer table can be microadjusted. The table is fully 310 mm (12″) wide, which allows jointing of wide and thick lumber. The side fence is very stable and can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees. Since you do not have to alter the machine between jointing and planing operation, you can rely on the machine to keep its settings. Other planers have to be altered between jointing and planing operation. With this jointer/planer you do not have to fold away the jointer table or remove the chip outlet. You just plane immediately after the jointing without even turning the motor off! This will, of course, save you a lot of time, and at the same time you get outstanding precision and capacity.

Use the jointer on the upper machine table, and then plane on the lower table, entirely without resetting!

Stable planer

The planer, which is below the jointer table, machines workpieces that are 410 x 260 mm (16″ x 10 1/4″). The feeding is done with double rollers, the first one of ribbed steel, the second of rubber. Smaller machines often have only one motor that runs both the cutter and the feeding. This is a cheap construction which most often works pretty well. But to get increased power, reliability and flexibility, the jointer/planer H410 has, like our larger machines, separate motors for the cutter and the feeding. In its basic version H410 has a feed rate of 6 m/min (19 ft 8″ per minute). As an option, there is also a stepless, adjustable feeding which feeds 2-12 m/min (7–39 ft per minute).

Confident with a jointer/ planer from Logosol

The cast iron construction of the machine gives high stability, increased durability and excellent precision. The sturdy design makes it safer for you as an operator when using the machine. A solid and accurate machine minimizes the risk of vibrations and dangerous sudden moves in the workpiece.

A small-scale professional machine

The jointer/planer H410 is the choosy hobby joiner’s dream. It is actually dimensioned for small joinery workshops. Here, it will really show its true potential. If you, for instance, have a cabinet making shop, and need to produce several special details from different wood types, this machine is an excellent aid. The powerful feeding, and the reliability and speed that the switching between jointing and planing gives, ensures that the planer will be a long-term and profitable investment.


  • No resetting needed between jointing and planing operation
  • 2 or 4 planing knives in the cutter head
  • Quick setting of the front jointer table.
  • The scale for the planer table is in steps of 1 and 1/10 mm.
  • The rear jointer table can be microadjusted.
  • Big and stable jointer fence
  • Precision-processed machine tables of cast iron.
  • Separate motors for cutter and feeder.
  • Integrated jointer guard.

Technical data


Table width, jointer: 310 mm (12″)
Table length, jointer: 1400mm (55″)
Cutting depth, jointer:
0-10 mm (0-7/16″)
Fence size:
152 x 1100 mm (6″ x 43 3/8″)
Table width, planer: 410 mm (16″)
Table length, planer:
630 mm (24 7/8″)
Max. planing width:
410 mm (16″)
Max. planing height:
260 mm (10 1/4″)
Max. cutting depth, planer:
4 mm (3/16″)

Cutter head

Diameter, cutter: 72 mm (2 7/8″)
Number of revolutions: 6000 rpm
Motor: 3 kW (4 hp)


Diameter, feed rollers:
32 mm (1 5/16″)
Motor power: 0.18 kW (0.25 hp)

Feed rate:

6 m/min. (19 ft 8″/min.)
Variable feeding (option),
2-12 m/min. (7-39 ft/min.)

Weight and electrical system

Weight: 195 kg (430 lbs)
Electrical system: 3-phase, 400V
Also available as 1-phase 220V
Thermoguards: On each motor



Price list

From £ 3,040 plus VAT