Hedge trimmer for frontloader 27-HTFLE

Hydraulic hedge and branch trimmer for mounting on frontloaders

Kellfri Hedge cutter for front loader

For trimming hedges, clearing field edges and maintaining roads and forestry access roads.

Clears an overgrown road quickly where branches block the road and damage lorries and other vehicles. A cutterbar height of 140 cm in combination with the lifting height of the frontloader ensures a clean and high corridor for vehicles to pass through.

Service-friendly cutterbar with bolted separate blades for quick replacement of damaged blades.

The electrical valve used for adjusting cutterbar angle and operating the hydraulic motor requires double-acting hydraulic outlets on the frontloader.

Supplied with two ½” male couplings, control box for the electrical valve and blade protection.


  • Working width 140 cm
  • Fitted with horizontally and vertically adjustable cutterbar
  • Bolted separate blades on the cutterbar
  •  Electric valve
  • Euro attachment


  • More Information
  • Working width 1,400 mm
  • L x W x H 3,079 x 706 x 545 mm
  • Engine 125 cc
  • Oil flow 15 l/min
  • Weight 119 kg

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Price list

  • 27-HTFLE: £1,850 plus VAT and carriage.


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