Disc mowers

NOVADISC 265 / 305

pottinger novadisc_265The NOVADISC range of mowers are available from 2.25m  and 4.00m. We stock the 265 (2.65m / 8’6″) and the 305 (3.05m /10′). These range of mowers have the Pöttinger’s proven cutter bar across the whole range of mowers.

The features of the Pöttinger cutter bar are:

  • Top service cutter bar
  • Fully welded construction
  • Large oval discs with excellent blade overlap
  • Quick change blade system
  • Cool running cutter bar ensuring less ware
  • Every cutter bar is tested for noise and vibration before leaving factory
  • Heel mounted mower with No inner shoe. This avoids clogging when mowing through mown crop.
  • Semi rigid blade system – Blade are not free swinging hence the blades are fully extended at all times. This avoids striping and leaving uncut strips. This is especially important in heavy crops.

Pottinger financeOther features include:

  • Lift and lowering of machine on tractor spool valve. The link arms remain level, which will cause less damage to PTO shaft.
  • Machine can run in transport position.
  • Ground following (must have float on tractor spool valve)
  • Toolbox on headstock.


NOVADISC 265pottinger 265 mower NOVADISC 305pottinger novadisc_305
Mounting Rear 3-point linkage Rear 3-point linkage
Mounting category Cat, II / 2 Cat, II / 2
Breakaway feature Mechanical breakaway device Mechanical breakaway device
Weight 585 kg 650 kg
Working width 2,62 m 3,04 m
Transport height 2,9 m 3,4 m
PTO Input Speed 540 rpm 540 rpm
Mower discs 6 pcs. 7 pcs.
Mower blades 12 pcs. 14 pcs.
Power requirement 50 hp 60 hp
Coverage 2,6 ha/h 3 ha/h
Outer track 1,800 – 2,200 1,800 – 2,200
Outer wear skids 5 pcs. 6 pcs.
Inner wear skids 1 pcs. 1 pcs.
High-cut skids outside 5 pcs. 6 pcs.
High-cut skids inside 1 pcs. 1 pcs.
Swath width without swath discs 1,7 m 2,3 m
Swath width with 2 swath discs 1,5 m 1,7 m
Swath width with 4 swath discs 1,1 m 1,3 m
Swath forming / Conditioner Swath discs Swath discs
Swath discs (Standard) without swath discs without swath discs



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