Rear mounted

NOVACAT 262 ED  /  302 ED – Vertical transport position

High performance, low drag resistance rear disc mower conditioners without inside skid and centre mounted cutter bar suspension.

Features include:


  • Centre pivot mounted mower for good ground following
  • Pöttinger proven cutter bar
  • Detachable conditioner for plain mowing. Ideal for whole crops etc.
    • Easy servicing
  • Toolbox on headstock
  • Steel tinespottinger quick blade change
  • Mechanical break back
  • Quick attach blade system
  • Conditioner hoods are designed to save power due to ‘Venturi’ effect allowing the mower to flow easier and swath better
  • Belt tensioner on outside and no need for the the guard to be removed.

Mounting configuration

  • Robust linkage frame with category li/Ill linkage pins
  • The mower is easy to hitch up thanks to the hydraulic mounting arm on the left-hand side – no need to adjust the linkage drop arm on the tractor
  • The headstock can be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor seat

Drive system 

  • Power is transmitted from the PTO shaft through the input gearbox to a driveshaft Pottinger financeand the cutterbar gearbox
  • A constant velocity joint in the inside mower drum provides a stress-free link between the gear unit and the cutter bar
  • The driveline is protected by an overload clutch on the PTO shaft • A freewheel is integrated into the driveline

Weight alleviation and lift system

  • Hydraulic weight alleviation – infinitely-variable and adjustable from tractor seat. For best possible ground hugging to protect the sward.
  • Pressure on the ground is displayed on a pressure gauge.
  • Large freedom of movement: the centre pivot suspension allows the mower to respond more quickly to undulations. Greatly reduces side pressure and drag resistance

Transport positionPOTTINGER NOVACAT 302 ED. 3

  • Folded into 115° vertical transport position
  • Optimum weight distribution for safe road transport
  • The lowered transport position achieves a low overall transport height
  • Unrestricted view to the rear for the driver and to the tractor’s lights

Anti-collision device

  • Mechanical collision protection integrated into headstock
  • The whole mower unit can pivot 150 to rear if overloaded

Extra Dry Conditioner

Conditioners carefully rub the layer of wax covering the crop. The forage is then deposited across the full width in an airy blanket.

  • Shorter drying period in the field, less risk from the weather.
  • Increases energy content by up to 10% – saves concentrates.
  • Better silage quality due to rapid reduction in PH-value.
  • No tedding (or less tedding) required, which saves time and simplifies the process.
  • Careful conditioning process reduces loss due to disintegration of sensitive leaves – providing more protein for the silage.
  • Fewer passes protects the stubble and crop. Savings of much money a hectare per year are possible as a consequence.

For more information on the rear disc mower conditioners please visit the Pöttinger   website



Mounting Rear 3-point linkage Rear 3-point linkage
Mounting category Cat, III / 2 Cat, III / 2
Breakaway feature Mechanical breakaway device Mechanical breakaway device
Weight 1130 kg 1210 kg
Working width 2,62 m 3,04 m
Transport height 3,6 m 3,8 m
PTO Input Speed 1000 rpm 1000 rpm
Mower discs 6 pcs. 7 pcs.
Mower blades 12 pcs. 14 pcs.
Power requirement 70 hp 80 hp
Coverage 2,6 ha/h 3 ha/h
Wear skids 4 pcs. 5 pcs.
High-cut skids 4 pcs. 5 pcs.
Swath width with conditioner min 1,2 m 1,9 m
Swath width with conditioner max 1,7 m 2,7 m
Swath forming / Conditioner Steel tine conditioner Steel tine conditioner




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