Front mounted

Alpha Motion NOVACAT 301 AMED

Pottinger alpha motion 301amed. 1. PNGBehind the award winning new “PöttingerPottinger finance alpha-motion” front technology are the well-thought-out kinematics of the support frame. In contrast to “state-of-the-art” drawn rack systems, the support frame itself reacts to every unevenness of the terrain, as well as the connection rods. The mower unit is also raised when there is an incline and lowered for downhill slopes.

The end Result – unique adaptation to the terrain, which protects both turf and machine.

Two large springs are built in to the hitch-on rack. The springs ensure an even release of the mowing unit over a distance of 20” / 500 mm. A simple, yet highly effective release for all types of use. The geometry of the hitch-on rack is designed so that the center of gravity in all working positions is as close as possible to the tractor.Pottinger alpha motion 301amed

Perfect swath formation
The outer mower disc pairs rotate inwards. Swath formers place the cut forage in light and airy swath.

Pottinger alpha motion 301amed. 6Unique transverse oscillation
Transverse oscillation of +/-16° is made possible by ball-and-socket joints in the connection rods.


  • Mower can float by +/- 9.84” / 250 mm, or 19.69” / 500 mm in total, above or below the tractors front wheel level.
  • Angle of inclination of cutter-bar self-adjusts by +12° upwards, -9° downwards, Pottinger alpha motion 301amed. 3. PNG
    so significantly less risk of soil damage and reduces wear.
  • Higher speeds can be reached – without having to remove the mowing unit.
  • Optimum protection of turf and machine.
  • Clearance of 13.78” / 350 mm on headland turns and transport setting.
  • Outstanding design provides perfect view of the mowing area.
  • Mower unit moves almost vertically, small slide paths on the drive shaft and significantly lower dynamic loads.
  • Fits tractors from 60 to 360hp

All Pöttinger mowers have the following features:

  • Quick attach blades
  • Top service cutter bar
  • Fully welded construction
  • Large oval discs with excellent blade overlap
  • In addition to this all Pöttinger mower conditioners can swath and spread

For further features on the  Pöttinger Alpha Motion 301 AMED  or other front mounted mower conditioners please visit the Pöttinger website

Specification NOVACAT 301AMED

Mounting Front
Weight 1030 kg
Working width 3,04 m
Transport width 2,98 m
PTO Input Speed 1000 rpm
Direction of rotation Right
Mower discs 7 pcs.
Mower blades 14 pcs.
Power requirement 60 hp
Coverage 3 ha/h
Wear skids 5 pcs.
High-cut skids 5 pcs.
Weight alleviation Counter springs
Swath forming / Conditioner Swath boards
Swath discs (Standard) 1 swath disc left and right



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