Teagle TBM/S flail mower


  • Available in seven cut widths from 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.2m, 2.5m, 2.7m, 2.85m to 3.00m
  • Suitable for mulching grassland, set-aside, heavy undergrowth and material up to 4-5cm
  • From 75HP to 150HP / Category 2 linkage
  • PTO speed 1000 rpm (540rpm on request)
  • Rear mounting only
  • Hydraulic side shift to offset machine
  • Double skinned body for strength and durability
Outstanding Build Quality and Performance
  • All models are shot blasted and have a high quality paint finish.
  • Rotor lifts fallen material and mulches to leave a fine finish.
Features for Reliability and Ease of Use
  • Teagle Flail Mowers and Mulchers have a range of features to ensure ease of operation and straightforward maintenance for a long and trouble-free service life.

Why own a Teagle Flail Mower?

For results in the field there are no compromises.

Whether maintaining amenity areas, topping pasture or managing set-aside you can be sure that in one pass material is:

  • Effectively lifted and cut – leave the field knowing that wheel marks and other fallen plants will not spring back.
  • Thoroughly mulched – to ensure fast breakdown of material and release of nutrients back to the soil.

Three Key features at the heart of the machine

1. High Rotor Speed
  • ​Rotor speeds in the Teagle range are amongst the highest in their class. This improves the ability to pick up fallen material, and subsequently mulch against counter blades under the machine body.
2. Heavy duty Hammer Flails
  • ​A clean cut, even in heavy work – All models are fitted as standard with wide flails that typically weigh up to 30% more than the competition.
  • The angle of the cutting face ensures that material is lifted and cut cleanly from the ground.
  • When a foreign object comes into contact with the flail, the flail has a rear profile designed to fold back against the rotor tube without breaking either the heavy duty flail shank or flail bolt.
3. Roller positioning
  • The height adjustable rear roller is positioned close to the rotor which gives the following benefits:
  • The rear roller is cleaned by the movement of the flails
  • Scalping is reduced because the roller follows contours in the ground closer to the rotor
  • Flow of cut material can be controlled:
  1. When rear deflector is lifted, material passes freely over the roller and is not compacted into the ground.
  2. When the rear deflector is lowered material is held within the mower hood for longer for more intensive mulching.


180 200 220 250 270 285 300
Number of drive belts 4 4 4 5 5 5 5
Tractor Linkage Cat. 2 Cat. 2 Cat. 2 Cat. 2 Cat. 2 Cat. 2 Cat. 2
Width 1.98m 2.18m 2.38m 2.68m 2.88m 3.00m 3.18m
Length 1.05m 1.05m 1.05m 1.05m 1.05m 1.05m 1.05m
Height Overall with machine on ground 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m
Cutting Width 1.80m 2.00m 2.20m 2.50m 2.70m 2.85m 3.00m
Offset – ‘A’ (min./max.) 0.92m / 1.44m 0.96m / 1.48m 1.16m / 1.68m 1.46m / 1.98m 1.66m / 2.18m 1.81m / 2.33m 1.96m / 2.48m
Offset – ‘B’ (min./max.) 0.36m / 0.88m 0.52m / 1.04m 0.52m / 1.04m 0.52m / 1.04m 0.52m / 1.04m 0.52m / 1.04m 0.52m / 1.04m
PTO power required 75 – 130HP 75 – 130HP 75 – 130HP 75 – 130kg 85 – 150HP 85 – 150HP 85 – 150HP
Application Agricultural / Contracting Agricultural / Contracting Agricultural / Contracting Agricultural / Contracting Agricultural / Contracting Agricultural / Contracting Agricultural / Contracting
Vehicle Tractor Tractor Tractor Tractor Tractor Tractor Tractor
Mounting Position Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear



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