New – Kinetic log splitters

Super fast and rapid…splits logs in seconds!

The Kinetic range of log splitters that are now offered from Gwaza.

This log splitters use kinetic energy to split logs fast thanks to the two flywheels spinning providing instant power in a matter of seconds. Designed, to process a significant more amount of timber, possibly 3 to 4 times that of a traditional hydraulic log splitter, you’ll get the job done in a flash. Powered by both electric and petrol the choice is yours.

Newly appointed distributors for FlexiShed

FlexiShed….Simple, strong and secure

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Flexished’s unique design means it’s light enough to be man-portable but strong enough to deter the most determined thieves. All the components can be broken down and carried through narrow passageways to previously inaccessible locations with out the need for special tools. If you outgrow the storage area…just extend!

Available options :

  • Chemical storage from 2 x 2m
  • General storage from 2 x 2m
  • Garden storage from 1.2 x 2.6m
  • Bike storage from 1.2m x 2.6m
  • Office from 2 x 3m

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Timberwolf offer 5 year warranty

For a limited time period, any Timberwolf TW230DHB and TW280TDHB will come with a 5 year warranty.

Timberwolf are also offering £500 discount on the petrol powered TW230PAHB and TW280PHB.

Offer end 30.6.19

For more information please contact us on 01267 237726 or email

Newly appointed dealers for ArmaTrac

When quality comes at exceedingly good value

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We are delighted to announce that we have been appointed main dealers ArmaTrac in South and West Wales.

We feel that ArmaTrac tractors, which combines proven quality with simple engineering, offers exceptional value for money. ArmaTrac tractors start with a price tag of £17,500 plus VAT. The 113HP ArmaTrac 1104 Lux model, with the British built Perkins engine and German built ZF transmission and axle, sells out for only £34,500 + VAT.

ArmaTrac offers 2 years warranty.

For the time being, please visit for more information about the ArmaTrac range. 

52 years as Zetor dealers

The image of a load of four new, shiny, red tractors flying through the middle of London on the back of a Commer lorry must have been quite a sight – even back in the pre congestion-charge days of 1967. Having been collected from the docks in Sheerness, they were on their way to Davies Implements in West Wales after Tom Davies and his young son, Gareth, had secured a deal to become main dealers for the newly imported Czechoslovakian Zetor tractor in December of 1966. Being the first manufacturer to offer four-wheel drive in the UK, and with a one year waiting list for a Massey Fergusson, the Zetor 3045 tractor, at £779, was a hugely attractive proposition.

The first customer to bravely place an order for this previously unknown brand was Mr. Jones, of Down Farm, in Llansteffan. His purchase was swiftly followed by a raft of orders and, over the intervening 52 years, thousands of Zetor tractors were sold to toil on the hilly and scenic lands of West Wales.

We, at Davies Implements, have been proud and loyal ambassadors of the Zetor brand and are hugely indebted to all our customers for the support, friendship and the wonderful, kind hospitality that has been offered to us over the decades. We are also hugely indebted to a long list of wonderful employees and contemporaries that we have had the privilege of dealing with throughout the long and happy relationship we have had with the Zetor brand. However, after very many weeks of careful deliberation, we are very proud to announce that we have agreed to become main dealers in West Wales for ArmaTrac tractors and will cease to be dealers for Zetor Tractors. We would, however, like to stress that it is our priority to ensure that we continue to support all our existing Zetor customers with any parts, service or repair requirements they may have.

We would like to re-iterate our very grateful thanks to all our customers and our commitment to them in providing our continued support.

APF show 2018

See us at the APF International Forestry show

See us on the following stands :

  • Logosol (Stand no: 1920-1940 in)
    B751 Band Sawmill,  B1001 Band Sawmill, F2 Farmer’s Chain Sawmill, Big Mill LSG, Big Mill Basic
  • Timberwolf (Stand no: 1640-1680 in)
    Whole range
  • M Large (Stand no: 1280-1300 out)
    Hakki Pilke, Thor, KGD, Forestry trailers & Ferri

Click here for the APF show map 

  • Location: Ragley Estate, Alcester, Warwickshire B49 5PS (See below)
  • Dates: Thursday 20th, Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd September 2018
  • Directions: Details of the event, attractions and location map can be found on the online leaflet
  • Opening Times: 9am – 6pm each day
  • Click here for the APF show map 
  • APF show website

Celebrating 60 years as a Limited company

We are celebrating 60 years of trading as limited company today.

Tom Davies, the founder, started trading back in the 1930’s from a farm about 5 miles from our depot. He them moved to our current premises in 1947. When Gareth Davies, current Managing Director, started working for the company in 1958, Davies Implements Ltd was formed. Today the company is also managed Gareth’s daughters Heulwen and Sharon.

It was suggested that we celebrate the day by closing early, but it was eventually decided we give a £60 voucher to one lucky winner who shares, likes our Facebook page and comments on our Facebook post.

If you have a photo in your archives you’d like to share with us we’d love to see it….keep it clean 🙂

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