Logosol MH410


Logosol’s multi-planer is a jointer, a planer and a moulder in one and the same machine. Furthermore, you can use it as a vertical milling machine equipped with a feeder unit. Unleash your creativity – the possibilities are endless!

No resetting between jointing, planing and moulding

mh410_illustration_defaultUse the jointer on the upper machine table, and then plane two sides on the lower table, entirely without resetting!

To start with, you have a perfect jointer/planer, but it is also equipped with a side cutter. The construction is completely unique. You plane the width and thickness in one single operation. With the side cutter you can also mould the lumber. This means that you can make tongued and grooved flooring, for instance. When you are using the machine as a moulder, you machine the lumber twice in order to process the workpiece on all four sides. Compare this with a standard jointer/planer or a vertical milling machine, in which you have to machine the workpiece at least four times. Thanks to the width of the planer table, you can use the part closest to the side cutter for moulding and the other part for planing operation. This gives you a machine that does not require any resetting between jointing, planing and moulding. It is this unique combination that gives you all the possibilities!

The natural choice in small joinery workshops

The efficiency and the precision increase dramatically when using the multi-planer instead of a traditional jointer/planer or a vertical milling machine. The reason for this is that the workpiece first is machined on two sides by the jointing operation, and then it can be planed and mould on the remaining two sides in one single operation. This is of great use to you if you, for example, are producing joinery components.

You do not need any extra floor space, since you at a reasonable price get both efficiency and several valuable operations in one and the same machine. Due to this the multi-planer MH410 is the natural choice if you require high efficiency and precision.

Flexible planing

When delivered, the horizontal cutter is equipped with two planing knives, but the cutter can take a total of four planing knives. So, you can mount two additional knives when you want an extra fine surface finish. Normally, the two additional knife slots are used for moulding knives. Even though the maximum protrusion of a moulding knife in the horizontal cutter is 2 mm (1/8″), it is possible to produce several different profiles on the plane side of the workpiece.

Reliable feeding

In its standard design the machine is equipped with two ribbed steel rollers in front of the cutter and a rubber roller on the out-feed side. If required, the machine can be equipped with only rubber rollers. A separate motor runs the feed rollers via a robust chain transmission, which gives a very reliable feeding. A steplessly adjustable feeder is available as an option.

High quality gives safety and precision

The entire machine is built around the heavy cast iron table to give as high stability and durability as possible. The machine’s simple but robust design makes it secure and easy to survey so that you can feel safe while operating it.



Price list

From £4,180 plus VAT