DS 2600 S

DS 2600 S – £179.99 inc VAT

efco 2600 s EFCO 3-years-warranty.small

Features include:

  • 3 year warranty including engine
  • Maximum operating economy savings of up to 50% on fuel.
  • Ultra low oil consumption.
  • Low maintenance and parts replacement costs.
  • Superior comfort
  • No two-stroke fuel mixture required.
  • Low-noise engine,
  • Minimal vibrations.
  • Easy starting.
  • Few exhaust fumes, no smell.
  • Engine tiltable through 360°: runs smoothly in any position.
  • High torque even at low crankshaft speeds.
  • Aluminium recoil housing, for dependable long-term durability.


Power/Displacement 1.0 HP – 0.8 kW/25.4 cm³
Tube Diameter 26mm
Grip single
Clutch yes
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.75 L
Blade 3 Tooth, 255 mm diameter
Line Head Tap ‘n’ Go, 105 mm diameter, 2.0 mm nylon line
Weight 5.6 kg



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