Eagle electric saw bench

Hakki Pilke Eagle Saw Bench with splitter – 3 phase electric & PTO

Hakki Pilke Eagle saw bench with screw splitter

The concept of the Hakki Pilke Eagle saw bench with screw splitter has been around for a very long time – cutting timber with a circular saw and dividing it with a splitting cone – First cut the trunk of a tree into stumps of the desired length and then split each stump with a splitting cone.

The Eagle was recently redesigned withhakki pilke eagle saw bench with screw splitter operator safety and ease of use a priority. The eagle is suitable for both big and small logs and it is easy to use. The blade is 700mm in size capable of cutting just over 10″. Available in PTO or three phase electric.

Eagle saw bench specification

Cutting blade
ø 700 mm TCT blade

Power requirement
15hp / 7kw

Splitting cone:
length 230 mm, ø 100 mm; 3 steel with exchangeable tip.

Device weight:

  • with tractor drive 180kg
  • with electric drive 210kg

Eagle saw bench customer reviews

Mr. Neville Phillips, Heddfan, Whitland, Carmarthenhire

The first thing I thought when I saw the ‘Hakki Pilke Eagle’ was “Hmmm, flimsy, I’m not sure if I want to buy this” However, nothing could be further from the truth – it’s tough as nails. It’s a simple design – the PTO shaft drives a single, belt-driven shaft. On one end is the blade and the other the cone shaped splitter. The only thing you’ve got to think about during operation is the emergency stop. When the thing stalls, push it down and the belts are rendered slack, so that the blade and splitter don’t turn. When you’ve corrected things, pull emergency stop up and you’re off again – no problem.

I’ve cut enough wood to fill more than fifty front end loader buckets this winter. The only delay was when 4 out of around 1000 knotted pieces of wood clung to the splitter – all I had to do was give it some sharp pelts with a sledgehammer.

The long and short of it is, if I could personify this piece of equipment (the opposite sex of course) I would call it darling. By the way, I’m not getting paid for this testimonial, so you can’t accuse me of having ‘KERCHING’ in my eyes.

Peter, P J Gardening Services, Newquay, Cerdedigion

“I am delighted with my Eagle. I used it for one hour and filled three 1 ton bags”

Mrs. Jones, Carmel, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

“We have a Rayburn to heat water, run the central heating system and cook in our 3 bedroom stone farmhouse. Prior to buying the Eagle we produced the logs using a chainsaw and logsplitter. We spend about quarter the time producing the logs now with the Eagle than we used to do. I only said to my Husband the other day that it’s the best money we have ever spent”

Mrs. McKane, Capel Iwan, Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire

“Both my Husband and I think it’s fantastic. We use it behind our 18hp Kubota compact tractor, and despite the little power off the PTO we can split and cut the wood simultaneously. We had looked around for a while and failed to find anything that allowed us do both jobs the same time and then we came across the Eagle at the Pembrokeshire show in 2007. We subsequently saw it at your demonstration day and had to have it. It’s well worth the money”



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