Pilke Master

PilkeMaster Smart 1


Pilkemaster Smart 1.3The PilkeMaster Smart 1, manufactured in Finland, is a unique firewood processing unit suitable for mounting on :

  • tractor frontend loader
  • telescopic handler
  • excavator

The PilkeMaster Smart 1 picks up the wood, measures, cuts and splits logs up to 190mm in diameter straight from the wood pile and is capable of processing the split logs directly into a trailer or bulk bags etc.

The Smart 1 requires no extra modification  other than hydraulic flow and return which most loaders have fitted as standard. This makes for a safe, quick and labour saving firewood processor that is available for a discounted selling price of £3,300 plus VAT excluding the mounting brackets, hoses and delivery.


Smart 1 Smart 2
Weight (kg) 350 kg 465 kg
Length (mm)  x  Width (mm)  x  Height (mm) 1945 x 620 x 1540 mm 2800 x 620 x 1520 mm
Log Length (mm) 250 – 410 mm 250 – 410 mm
Maximum log diameter (mm) 190 mm 190 mm
Cutting and splitting speed (flow rate : 40l/min) 1.22 seconds 1.22 seconds
Pressure (T) Maximum 13 T Maximum 13 T
Recommended hydraulic flow 40 l/min 40 l/min
Hydraulic pressure 180-250 bar 180-250 bar



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