Hakki Pilke

OH27 Firewood processor

Hakki Pilke OH27 firewood processor

Hakki Pilke OH27


Hakki Pilke OH27 (Previously known as the OH60) is a firewood processor which uses a 700mm circular saw for cutting wood. The device has its own hydraulics. Power options: tractor engine or electric engine (the processor, which uses an electric engine, can also be used with a tractor engine). Tractor power required is 15hp.

Cutting takes place by a circular saw which is equipped with a standard blade or with a hard metal blade for cutting dirty wood. Wood: maximum log diameter 27 cm, maximum log length 55 cm.

Power options: PTO or Combi PTO with 3 phase electric.

Optional Extra: 6 way splitters,

Looking for Bigger see the CS1000 or CS900


  • Power requirement: 10hp / 7.5 kW
  • Output , bulk in cubic meters/h: 4m3/h
  • maximum log diameter 27 cm
  • maximum log length 55 cm
  • Cutting blade diameter 700 mm
  • output/cutting blade revs per minute 410/1500
  • splitting cylinder 63 mm/5.5 t
  • Splitting speed (reciprocating) about 3 seconds
  • with acceleration valve about 3 second
  • 2/4 Splitting blade as standard
  • Hydraulic pump 39 l/min/180 bar
  • Oil tank/amount of oil 50 l /40 l
  • Weight of the device: 420 kg
  • Weight of the conveyor: 60 kg
  • Length of the conveyor: 3.2 m
  • Weight: 490 kg
  • Available as PTO or Combi Version (PTO and three phase electric)

Optional extras

  • 6 way splitter

Customer review

Mr Morgan, Builth Wells

“I get so much firewood processed on this this simple, trouble free processor”