Hakki Pilke

CS900 firewood processor with circular saw

NEW Hakki Pilke CS9000 firewood processor with hard metal blade

Main features of the CS900 include:

  • 900mm Hard metal blade
  • Automatic high speed valve
  • Adjustable stroke length
  • Adjustable cutting speed
  • Adjustable conveyor speed
  • Best efficiency with short lengths
  • 8 ton splitting force

The CS900 is the newest firewood processor Hakki Pilke. It has a hard 900mm diameter circular saw  metal blade for professional use.

The processor has a automatic high-speed valve that enables the efficient cutting and splitting of log with a diameter of 370 mm.  This allows the  fastest splitting speed is in use when the splitting power of high-speed mode is enough.  If additional power is needed, the maximum power of the splitting cylinder will automatically go on.

Adjustable splitting length increases efficiency remarkably when stroke length is adjusted for the wood length. For example when cutting 250 mm long wood, the trajectory of the splitting cylinder is over twice as short as cutting the wood of maximum length.

Full hydraulic steering, perfect control of the wood while cutting and splitting, and the hydraulic-driven slewing output conveyor ensures the efficient usage of Hakki Pilke CS900.

Hakki Pilke CS900 pictures


Wood capacity 370mm / 14.5″
Wood length 250-500mm
Blade size 900mm
Height 2450mm
Length 2850mm
Splitting force 8 Ton
Width 1450mm
PTO power 50hp
Weight 1700kg (PTO) Approx
1800kg (electric) Approx
Electric power requirement 15KW
Fuse size 35A



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