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Timberwolf TW SX200PHB


Timberwolf SX200 petrolThe all-new TW SX200PHB (c) is an economical, high throughput; low cost green waste shredder aimed at landscapers, local authorities and contractors, and can easily be operated by a single user.

Unlike it’s competitors, the SX200 has a dedicated integral chassis with brakes. It has a 20HP Honda petrol engine, widely recognised as the most reliable and economic on the market.

It is specifically aimed at processing green waste with reduced noise, aided by the forged, sharp profile hammers with Teflon brushes. Quieter than some of the bigger machines, it is suitable to use in urban areas where noise pollution is often a pressing concern for businesses. The model TW SX200PHB (c) has a toothed conveyor (feed and grab design), which draws material to the feed roller.

Landscapers will be particularly interested in the capabilities of the SX200 – this robust machine with letter box style feed mouth can shred green materials, hedge trimmings, conifer, shrubs, and brash with ease, which means you don’t have to rely on material being clean.

In such environments where having a lesser wood content and the inclusion of dirt and foreign objects is commonplace (plus the fact that the end product is normally required for compost), the SX200 is the perfect solution as compost forms better and more quickly if the material is shredded rather than chipped.

Features and benefits

The key features and benefits of the SX200 include:timberwolf finance

  • Optional toothed conveyor feed (model TW SX200PHB(c))
  • Hydraulic roller – toothed conveyor – model TW SX200PHB(c)
  • Feed roller controls on both sides of the feed funnel for additional safety and easier operation
  • Easy access to drum from the top of the machine
  • Discharge chute rotates through 270 degrees
  • A simple and reliable direct belt drive
  • Waste material – enclosed conveyor design prevents material from dropping onto the floor
  • Optional hammer layout (to allow for different processing and end product requirements)
  • Superior air flow that throws material further
  • No stress system complete with auto-back-off
  • Honda engine with built-in hour clock
  • Optional spare wheel (can only be carried in towing vehicle)
  • What can I shred?

* Engine manufacturers quoted figures



What can I shred?

Wondering what is suitable for the SX200 shredder? It’s quite varied and with the option of the conveyor it’ll be a doddle.
  • Tree brash
  • Prunings
  • Leyandii
  • Hedge trimmings
  • Christmas trees
  • Plans
  • Rootballs



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