Timberwolf TW 150VTR


150VTR working 1Designed for the contractor and utility user, the TW 150VTR incorporates many features that make working in difficult or confined spaces possible. It has state-of-the-art anti vibration technology and an extremely tough, one-piece detachable funnel, with Timberwolf’s unique ‘safety plus’ bar, which acts to protect the operator on all 4 sides.

The hydraulically driven tracks incorporate a variable track width feature, allowing the operator to move the tracks in and out. All this, combined with the Timberwolf Auto Feed Control and the outstanding Kubota V1505 35hp diesel engine, gives you an amazing chipper.

Getting the chipper to the wood, rather than the wood to the chipper, is critical for timberwolf financeeffective time saving, allowing you to quote competitively for restricted access contracts.

The feed funnel can easily be removed and at the flick of a lever, the tracks can be retracted down to just 700mm wide. This enables the chipper to access areas that a normal chipper cannot.

The TW 150VTR has been in production since 2004 and is a very reliable, hard working machine that provides value for money and gives an unbeatable performance.

Features and benefits

This machine is perfect for access on restricted access contracts and can even pass through a standard 700mm doorway. The features and benefits of the TW150 VTR include:

  • Variable width tracks for easy access through narrow openings (quick remove funnel, tracks move in to 700mm)
  • Reliable Kubota 4 cyl. Diesel engine
  • Blades – easy to access and change, do not require shimming, can be sharpened up to 10 times with up to 25 hours chipping between sharpening
  • Clever rotor and blade design allows compact size that makes more efficient use of engine power compared to competitors
  • Legendary Timberwolf no stress control – fast reaction times ensure high efficiency, high throughput and constant discharge velocity
  • Modular construction of feed funnel, roller box, rotor housing, engine bay and chassis ensures exceptional strength, accessibility and easy of maintenance
  • “Safety Plus’ features – large robust safety stop bar coupled with additional back up stop switch, plus reverse feed control switch operates independently of safety stop bar, for maximum operator safety
  • Compact overall dimensions
  • Proven feed roller design with replacement teeth for easy feeding and long life
  • * Engine manufacturers quoted figures


150VTR spec

Optional extra’s

  • Tracker
  • Winch



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