LumberMate Hydraulic PRO HD36 sawmill

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norwood lumbermate HD36 with hydraulic log loader

The Norwood have taken the LumberMate Pro HD36 and designed a sawmill that can be individually configured to meet your specific requirements. Like any of the current accessories available on the MX34 the hydraulic accessories can be added on at anytime. Start with the manual version and if in 6 months you want to upgrade you can.

  • Harness the muscle of hydraulics: Load, roll, clamp and raise your logs with hydraulics.
  • Power-up your Pro: Set depth-of-cut, feed and offload boards by remote control.
  • Choice: The Norwood LumberPro HD36 gives you the ultimate flexibility to take your milling operation in any direction … any time.
  • Flexibility: Build it up… Power it up… Choose manual, hydraulic or power functions … choose any optional accessory and build the sawmill that’s perfect for you.

Features and Accessories

Hydraulic optrion drawing

1.  Manual Hydraulic Pump and selector valve –

A powerful and low-cost entry into hydraulically-powered log-handling capabilities. The manual hydraulic hand pump can power the hydraulic log loaders as well as hydraulic toe boards. For more than one function, order the selector valve to direct the hydraulic flow to either the log loader or to the toe boards, either individually or simultaneously. Hand pump kit comes complete with bracket.
(Item No. LM34-HD-P2)

Hydraulic Selector Valve (for Manual Pump)

A simple, reliable, 3-way valve that makes selecting the hydraulic flow from the manual hydraulic pump quick and easy. Required where the manual hydraulic pump powers the hydraulic log loader system and toe boards. (Item No. LM34-HD-P3)

2.  Motorised Hydraulic Pump and selector valve

Hydraulic Pump System (Integrated Power) – Power all your hydraulic attachments with the optional integrated hydraulic pump system. This system supplies seamless power for all your hydraulic log-handling attachments – log loaders, log clamping, log turner and toe boards. Powering the hydraulic pump with the sawmill engine eliminates the noise and hassle of an independent pump powered by a separate engine. The integrated hydraulic pump system comes complete with the auxiliary alternator system and housing, hydraulic pump, deep-cycle/high-capacity battery, standard 8-section valve-body, hydraulic hoses and fittings, mounting brackets and hardware. (Not necessary if you just want the powered sawhead)

3.  Hydraulic Log loader

Load logs onto your log deck with a simple flick of a lever. The hydraulic log loaders can handle logs nearly 3000lbs (1360kg). Steel “spans” automatically drop down to bridge the gap between the loaders and your bed, and help protect your track. Engineered for easy removal and safe trailering, you can quickly remove the loaders from your mill in just minutes thanks to the quick-connect/disconnect pins and hydraulic fittings. The same quick-connect system means you can reinstall the loaders in just as little time. This system can be used with either the manual or power hydraulic pump system.
(Item No. LM34-HD-41400

4.  Log Turner

Rolling big logs is virtually effortless with the hydraulic log turner. A hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor give you separate control of vertical and rotation functions. Features dual-direction rotation – turn your log in either direction. Equipped with deep-toothed chain, the log turner bites hard into gnarly bark to maximize traction. Use the log turner to roll logs into position for the first, second and third cuts. The hydraulic log turner requires the power hydraulic pump system. (Item No. LM34-HD-41500)

5.  Hydraulic Log clamping

Clamp logs with vise-like power with this combined hydraulic log rests and hydraulic log dog system. Raise and lower the twin log rests, simultaneously, simply by operating a single lever. Built of precision laser-cut ¾” steel, they can travel up to 12 ½” above the log deck to clamp full-size logs and down as low as 7/8” above the log deck to mill boards within 1” of the bed. The four-way acting, dual-function, log dog not only gives you the dexterity and power to securely clamp even the biggest logs, the integrated four-way acting log dog can also be used to manipulate and turn cants. Because the log dog is not suitable for turning logs in the round, consider equipping your Pro with the hydraulic log turner to roll logs into position for the first, second and third cuts. The hydraulic log clamping system requires the power hydraulic pump system. (Item No. LM34-HD-41600)

6.  Hydraulic Toe board

Compensate for the natural taper in logs with toe boards. Increase lumber yield and increase the quality of your boards, by keeping the face of your cuts parallel to the grain. This is especially important when milling for grade. Each hydraulic roller toe board is equipped with a powerful hydraulic cylinder that can lift full-size logs up to 3 ½”. A pair of roller toe boards also makes repositioning logs along the mill easier thanks to rugged integrated steel rollers. Toe boards can be used with either the manual or power hydraulic pump systems.
(Item No. LM34-HD-41285)

7. Power Feed and Power sawhead

From a single hand-held remote, direct 5 functions on your LM Pro’s sawhead: set the depth-of-cut, control the throttle, activate the sawmill blade lube system, engage the clutch and power the carriage through the cut … all while standing comfortably at the head of your sawmill. Controlled by a 3-way momentary switch on the remote, the power drive motor with chain-drive system positively powers your saw carriage along the log deck, through the cut … and back. Adjust your feed rate, on-the-go, thanks to the speed-adjusting dial integrated right into the remote control … speed up, or slow down, as you’re cutting, so you get smooth boards, every time. The control panel is programmed to make all your power-feed transitions smooth – Stop * Forward, Stop * Reverse, and Forward * Reverse. From the same remote, activate the dedicated 3-way momentary switch to raise and lower the sawhead. (You do not need motorised hydraulic pump if you do not require any other hydraulic option)
(Item No. LM34-PSH-5000)

Board Return

If your LM Pro is equipped with the remote-controlled power sawhead, you can boost production more by equipping your sawmill with the board return system. When you power the carriage back after making a cut, the steel drag-back fingers firmly and steadily return the board to the head of the mill. Just direct each board into your waiting trailer or lumber pile.



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